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Rosarito Beach Hotel Enjoying Second Consecutive Record-Breaking Summer

Rosarito Beach Hotel Enjoying Second Consecutive Record-Breaking Summer
By Ron Raposa

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—Following its busiest summer ever in 2012, the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort is enjoying an even busier season this year, with overall season-to-season occupancy up 20 percent.

Rosarito Beach Hotel Enjoying Second Consecutive Record-Breaking Summer

Rosarito Beach Hotel Enjoying Second Consecutive Record-Breaking Summer

Year-to-year occupancy was up 25 percent on both major holiday weekends, Memorial Day and July 4th. For the summer overall, occupancy is up 20 percent, including a 20 percent increase in U.S. visitors, who accounted for 88 percent of hotel guests on Memorial Day weekend.

The two strong summer seasons, the busiest time of the year in the seaside resort city, follow several years of low occupancy brought on in part by concerns about violence involving organized crime groups in Mexico.

“Rosarito and Baja are safe and welcoming for our visitors and residents, perhaps more so than ever,” said hotel owner and former Mayor Hugo Torres. “Work done by state tourism and the Baja Image Committee has helped greatly in making more people aware of that.”
“While the number of visitors from Mexico never declined, we’re now seeing our U.S. friends return because of the improved safety perception,” said Mr. Torres, who also is chairmen of the Baja Image Committee, a public and private partnership.
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Powerful Spiritual Healer in Mexico By Susan A Mahalick. Compiled By: Miguel Sedano


I went to see someone called El Maestro, or Constantino, this past week in the wine valley close to my home in Baja.

Mexican Spiritual Healer


People think very highly of this spiritual healer. Much publicity went out to let everyone know locally about his arrival. He had been here one day in January, but I could not go at that time. I figured it would be an all day affair, which indeed it was. Constantino came back for another three days in February due to popular demand. It was his calling, he was called to come back. Some people go to see him every chance they get. Some of my friends are volunteers as they believe in him so much. One friend told of people who could now see, or get up and walk after years of being in a wheelchair. One of the volunteers follows him all around the world as she was one of his major successes. She had been in a wheelchair for fourteen years. She had tried many treatments to no avail until seeing El Maestro.

One of the volunteers is my friend Jo Ann who relates these stories to me via email:

“A friend of Janet’s went to see the Maestro. She recently had a 10 hour operation to remove a tumor at the top of her spine. The doctors could not remove it all and recommended chemotherapy. After seeing the Maestro she experienced pain on her left side and went to the emergency room. They performed an MRI and the tumor is gone.

Or the one about Judie. She was one of the Friday wine group and makes jewelry. She’s been a bunch of times now. She had tintinnitus, ringing of the ears… gone. She took her 90 some year old husband in a wheelchair and he no longer has pain in his legs and is walking…. don’t know what else. Took Margo and the pain in her shoulder (it was dislocated) is gone and she was walking. (Margo has suffered horribly for years from fibromyaligia. She has fear of falling. She can’t wait to go back again. The stories go on.)

A sister of her close friend, Coleen, named Barbara who was legally blind can now thread a needle.”

I talked one of my close friends into going, even though I had a ride from someone in La Mision where I live. The van would have been a bit too full with my friend. Rocky had three different friends of his try to convince him this might be a good idea. As he is an open minded and curious sort, this appealed to him. Most people have medical or emotional issues with which they would like some assistance. So off we went at ten thirty in the morning on a Wednesday to go see a spiritual healer at La Casa Viejas in the wine valley.

It was a pleasant enough day for a trip and we made it to the event in about a half hour or so. The healer was supposed to arrive between twelve and one, but many people got there early to get into the first group. We were seated by arrival for the most part. Given slips of paper to fill out with our concerns and basic information like where we lived and our contact numbers and email addresses.

It was a well organized event with just the right amount of volunteers. Taken into the first room in a group of thirty seven people, we were treated to some testimonials by prior participants. We also got to hear about the beliefs of El Maestro such as a simple diet, no alcohol and no drugs of any kind. No eating of any meat was emphasized. He only owns two sets of clothes, simple white pants and a shirt, with a long poncho of soft beige material over his clothes. It was a somewhat chilly day in the shade. He stays with people so he does not have to own anything other than the clothing. I saw a rather simple gold ring on one hand. His hair was tied back with headbands that were embroidered in dark colors. I could not tell how long his hair might have been, but I would guess it to be of medium length and black. He wore a white scarf tied around his mouth and head to help prevent the passing of germs to complete his look.

We were sent into a nearby palapa that could seat two circles of thirty seven people. We were instructed to be patient and center ourselves around peaceful thoughts. Some talking went on before the arrival of the healer. When he appeared all went very silent. We were told he was going to come see us one by one. We were instructed to all rise and hold hands. Told to look into his eyes when he stood in front of us, but not to touch him. Our chairs were still behind us when we all arose in greeting. A spotter would stand behind each chair as he approached so we could not fall. I could not wait to be touched with his quite powerful presence of healing. I feel that his personal being is a channel to a higher power. El Maestro would look into your eyes and then most often touch the center of your chest with a somewhat forceful motion with one finger. This is to open the heart. Most people fell into their seats from the contact. If your ailment pertained to walking, then you were instructed to walk around the circle after being touched. One man came in on crutches and walked around the circle very stiffly without them. Everyone paid him the most respectful attention.

Some people cried, though not very many. I was one of those who did. I get emotional at these kind of things, even getting teary eyed in church some times. He looked into my eyes with his intense green ones. He asked me what my concerns were, and they got translated into Spanish. I wanted assistance with some uterine fibroid tumors which I have had for about ten years. Conventional medicine would have me get a hysterectomy. I also have a small lesion on the left hand side of my nose. It has been going away slowly for about four months now. He spent a good amount of time with me, even putting his hands on the front of my lower belly and chanting. I was asked by the volunteer if there was anything else and I replied that yes, I am without an income at the moment which causes a lot of stress.

We were told the healing is not always instant, that it can be a process that is now ongoing as we have encountered such a powerful healing force in the spiritual presence of Constantino. A white box was passed around the circles before we left for donations to help El Maestro with his traveling expenses and favorite charities. No suggested amount. Then we were each given a sheet of paper with simple instructions to detox our bodies for the next fifteen days. Mostly vegetables and fruit. No caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugar or refined pastas or white rice. No drugs of any kind. The kind of diet that not very many people can handle as it is so restrictive. No meat as it is aggressively procured. He lives this way all the time himself and recommends that everyone take up his principles for a less aggressive and healthier world. He is most probably correct, but the only people I know of who can follow this regime live in monasteries or spend a week at a spa to get cleansed. My point here being that when you see other people eat what they want it is much more difficult to stay on such a regime without a very strong will.

As for myself, thus far the lesion on my nose is almost completely gone. I am attributing this to the power of El Maestro as the rapidity of the healing has increased. I am going to continue to believe the fibroids are gone until I can get an ultrasound for verification. As for the lack of income, that was taken care of quite nicely the next day.

What can I say but that I am truly a believer in Constantino, El Maestro, the powerful spiritual healer. The man who has the mysterious reputation of being from nowhere.

Susan Mahalick has lived in Baja for the last nine years. She recommends that newcomers can use the FRAO (Foreign Relations Assistance Office) for many of their issues and information. She has also written a book about “Living Resourcefully, Yet Well” available in eformat on Amazon about tips on living well and within a budget.

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Baja California Mexico moving ahead with new border crossing. Compilied By: Miguel Sedano.

While U.S. funding to finish the expansion of the San Ysidro port of entry is not yet allocated, Mexico appears on track to complete its new southbound border crossing.

Mexico is to finish construction in 2012 of the crossing, known as El Chaparral, as well as new bridges that will be needed for the transborder traffic, said Mexican Congressman Gastón Luken on Friday during the 21st summit of the South County Economic and Development Council.Mexico New Border 2012

Luken, who represents Baja California, said that Mexico has allocated $55 million to finish the project as planned. The funds came from fees collected at Mexican commercial border crossings.

“The expansion project should be seen as an investment not an expense,” Luken said about the San Ysidro expansion.

The remodeling and expansion project is to be done in three phases, which together are to cost $577 million.

Phase one is under way which involves the demolition of the existing port of entry building and expansion of traffic lanes from 24 to 62.

The second phase, which is to start in 2013, involves improving the pedestrian processing facilities.

And in the third phase, the I-5 southbound lanes will be shifted to accommodate the expansion of northbound lanes. The new southbound lanes are to connect to El Chaparral.

The total San Ysidro project was to be completed by 2016 but that date is now in doubt because the U.S. Congress has not yet funded phases two and three. When pressed as to what a potential funding delay means, project managers say that the expansion will be finished, but later than planned.

What’s more, a potential delay would also affect the planned U.S. expansions of the Otay Mesa and Calexico border crossings.

The annual summit drew about 400 people to the San Diego Convention Center to hear a variety of leaders and analysts discuss the region’s economy. One panel featured elected officials from all levels of government in California, as well as Luken, speaking about “The Future of the Border Region.”

They all spoke about the importance of securing the funds to complete the San Ysidro project.

“Reducing the wait times should be the priority,” stressed Assemblyman Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, during the panel discussion.

He said that reducing wait times by one hour per day would generate an additional $7 billion in revenue per year for San Diego County.

For his part, San Diego Councilman David Alvarez said he recently visited Washington, D.C. as part of a regional delegation that included officials from both sides of the border, including Luken, to lobby members of Congress to approve the funds to complete the expansion.

“There are no funds yet, but we must make the effort to raise awareness of the importance of transforming the San Ysidro border crossing,” said Alvarez, who represents District 8.

U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, D-San Diego, said, “many people would die to live in a region like this one.” That’s why an investment should be made to make traveling between both countries easier, something that would spur economic development in both countries, he said.

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Rosarito Church Honors Mayor Torres For Security Gains & Other Improvements

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—The Rosarito Beach Christian Church on Sunday honored outgoing Mayor Hugo Torres for security gains and other improvements during his three years in office.

Rosarito Church Honors Mayor Torres For Security Gains & Other Improvements

Rosarito Church Honors Mayor Torres For Security Gains & Other Improvements

“It is our privilege this morning to honor a man who has provided us with three years of good government,” elder Richard Johnson told the congregation which is composed largely of expatriates.

Johnson added: “We have witnessed public safety and the judicial system be greatly strengthened.”

Torres at the service was presented with a Spanish language Bible by church member Tom Ward, as well as a donation to the Rosarito Boys and Girls.

Torres told the congregation that he had visited every Rosarito school twice during his time in office. Education and programs such as the Boys & Girls Club are vital to building a strong city, Torres said.

The outgoing Mayor also cited the role of religion in improving a community by strengthening values and thanked church members for their contributions to the city.

Under Torres’ leadership, more than 60 percent of city police were replaced even as the force was expanded. Crime declined 21 percent in 2009 and is down an additional 14 percent this year, to the lowest level ever recorded.

He told church members of the difficulties in accomplishing this and gave much of the credit to Director of Public Safety Jorge Montero, an army captain on leave. Montero survived an early assassination attempt to go on to direct reform efforts.

Torres said he also received personal death threats as the city cracked down hard and made it clear it was committed to eliminating corruption and organized crime.

“This is the way it should continue,” Torres said. “We have not finished the work.”


Ron Raposa

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One man’s war zone is another’s paradise

Originally Posted on the L.A. Times.

By Richard Marosi
December 14, 2009

From the insulated safety of Baja’s luxurious seaside gated communities, American expatriates say reports of kidnappings and violent drug cartels seem a world away.

Beach in Rosarito

Beach in Rosarito

Reporting from Rosarito Beach, Mexico – Bob and Carol Dawson love living in Baja California, but the region’s violent reputation has put them on the defensive. They have been called delusional and reckless — all because they choose to live in an oceanfront gated community about 30 or 40 miles and a world away from the U.S. border.

Americans living in this part of Mexico are often grilled, half-jokingly, about their sanity. They get asked whether they’ve seen decapitated heads rolling down the street. Friends wonder whether they wear bulletproof vests or drive around in armored cars.

When the Dawsons moved here in 1999 to retire, they were enticed by the area’s charm and peacefulness. They bought an expansive home with ocean views for $175,000. “Live like a millionaire without a million bucks” is the local real estate mantra.

In recent years, the tranquility has been eclipsed by the mayhem of battles between the Mexican government and organized crime. Military trucks brimming with heavily armed soldiers have rumbled through the manicured grounds of luxury developments; gunmen pepper local police stations with automatic-weapon fire; and Baja California’s most notorious crime boss once eluded authorities by running through a beach popular among American retirees. read more »

Cuba Gooding Sr. Named Goodwill Ambassador, Receives Rosarito Key

Cuba Gooding Sr. Named Goodwill Ambassador, Receives Rosarito Key

Cuba Gooding Sr. Named Goodwill Ambassador, Receives Rosarito Key - Photo by Laura Wong.

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—Noted singer Cuba Gooding Sr., was presented a key to Rosarito and named a goodwill ambassador for the city by Mayor Hugo Torres at a weekend concert here.

“I am humbled by this, it means a lot to me,” said Gooding, who is best known for his 1972 super hit “Everybody Plays The Fool” as lead singer of the Main Ingredient. He also is the father of well-known actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mr. Gooding, who has a vacation home in Rosarito, said he is troubled because some in the U.S. have gotten the impression that Rosarito is unsafe because of the government’s crackdown on drug cartels and wanted to help correct that impression. read more »

Rosarito’s 199th Independence Day Celebration Largest In City History

Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres and Brig. Gen. Alfonso Duarte at the city's Sept. 16 Mexican Independence Day celebration

Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres and Brig. Gen. Alfonso Duarte at the city's Sept. 16 Mexican Independence Day celebration

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—The celebration on Sept. 16 of the Mexico’s 199th Independence Day — which included a parade and other festivities — was the largest in city history.

Sept. 16 is the anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.  The bicentennial celebration will be next year.

Among those viewing the parade were Brig. Gen. Alfonso Duarte, commander of the 2nd Military Zone;  Hugo Torres, mayor of Rosarito; Santos Humberto Gomez Leyva, commander Naval region II; and Jorge Montero, Rosarito’s secretary of public safety.

A large number of military units participated in the parade, a sign of support for Rosarito’s role in Mexico’s crackdown on organized crime as well as the city’s significant public safety improvements.

“This was the largest participation ever of military units, recognizing our efforts in security and crime prevention,” Torres said.

Mayor Torres said next year’s Independence Day celebration, to mark Mexico’s bicentennial year, likely will be even larger: “We already have many activities planned to honor those who made independence possible and helped build the nation.”

Ron Raposa

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Rosarito’s FRAO Changes Location

Playas de Rosarito - IV Ayuntamiento

Playas de Rosarito - IV Ayuntamiento

In order to improve City services for the foreign community, please be informed that the  Foreign Residents Attention Office -FRAO- , for four years  at City Hall, now changes location to be part of the “Attention to the Tourist” Department.

FRAO is now located in  the premises of  the  Visitors and Convention Bureau (COTUCO ), located in suite 14 of  Oceana Plaza Mall, 907 Benito Juarez  Boulevard.

In following the steps of Marisa Molina, Fernando Toledo will now continue with the accustomed guidance  and orientatation offered by the City to  the foreign resident in addition to bilingual personnel at city hall that can also help. New telephone number for FRAO  is (661)  612-0396 email: fernando@rosarito.org   Hours:   mon-fri 8-5 p.m.;  sat. 10-4 p.m.

Thank you.


Social Communication Department

Jefa de Relaciones Públicas
IV Ayuntamiento de Playas de Rosarito
(661) 614-9600 x 2241

Fourth Of July Brings Rosarito Best Tourism Figures Of 2009

Rosarito Hotel Occupancy at 70 percent on 4th of July weekend

Rosarito Hotel Occupancy at 70 percent on 4th of July weekend

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—Fourth of July brought this seaside city 30 miles south of San Diego its best tourism of 2009, with hotel occupancy at 70 percent on the holiday and some near capacity.

“This is encouraging to us and indicates some comeback, although we remain well below years past and need more gains,” said Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres.

Concerns in the United States that Mexico’s crackdown on drug cartels has made the area unsafe for tourists have been a main cause of the decline in tourism this year. Most Rosarito visitors come from the U.S.

“But time has shown emphatically that our visitors are not at risk,” Torres said. “We have had no major incident.”

“Our frequent visitors and thousands of expatriate residents are among those who have helped us convey the fact that Rosarito is safer and more welcoming than ever. We know that more needs to be done to convey that message.” read more »