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Parental Indiscretion


Parental Indiscretion
Like Old Times

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Published: 2014.10.23 03:12 PM

The superiority of the American childhood of the ’70s and ’80s to that of today is pretty well chronicled on the Internet, but missing from those nostalgic lists (Atari! Underoos! Riding in the back of a pickup!) are memories exclusive to those of us who spent part of our childhoods in San Diego: Baja adventures.



There were the family day trips—lunch at Calafia, curio shopping, maybe a stop in Tijuana for a photo with a zebra-striped donkey if we had an out-of-town visitor along. As teenagers, my friends and I took the trolley to San Ysidro and walked across the border, treating TJ like an exotic mall. San Diego kids went to Baja to surf and camp and eat fish tacos and drink Coronas. (Let’s not discuss the nightclub shenanigans we partook in once we could pass for 18.)

Baja trips were just part of growing up in San Diego. But by the time my kids were old enough to enjoy their first family trip to Puerto Nuevo for cheap lobster, going to Baja was no longer a simple thing you could do on impulse. I wasn’t scared by the dire warnings about drug cartel violence, which I always thought were overblown. But you now need a passport, and the reports of hellishly long border waits were definitely a deterrent. I couldn’t imagine sitting for hours at the border waving off peddlers of gaudy Last Supper paintings while my kids whined in the back seat.

“Kids went to Baja to surf and camp and eat fish tacos and drink Coronas.”

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ROSARITO AND ENSENADA ADVENTURES – Rides in Rosarito, dining in Ensenada offer memorable views and moments south of the border
By Wendy Lemlin Oct. 13, 2013

If you go – Getting there

Cross the border at San Ysidro and bear to the right, following signs for Rosarito-Ensenada Scenic Road and then signs for Ensenada Cuota. For the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Susanna’s, take the third Rosarito exit, and continue straight to Blvd. Benito Juarez.

Returning to the U.S.

Important: You must have a valid passport to re-enter the United States.

Some hotels and restaurants, including the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Susanna, offer a one-time “Fast Pass” allowing access to the faster, specifically designated border lanes.

Ensenada lodging
Casa Natalie: Hotelncasanatalie.com/English.
Hotel Coral & Marina: Hotelcoral.com
Rosarito Beach lodging
Rosarito Beach Hotel: RosaritoBeachHotel.com
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Rosarito Event This Saturday Has 2 Purposes: Maintain The Beach & Support The Region

Rosarito Beach - Photo by Javier Carrillo

Rosarito Beach - Photo by Javier Carrillo

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—The Rotary Club of Cambria, California is co-sponsoring with its Rosarito counterpart this Saturday a beach maintenance day — but its main purpose is to show this area is safe for U.S. visitors.

“Any beach can benefit from a clean-up day, but the ones here are maintained very nicely,” said Bruce Howard, past president of the Cambria club. “Our main goal in bringing Rotary members down is to help correct misperceptions in the U.S.”

Participants in the beach maintenance day will meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday on the beach in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Local residents can join the effort just by showing up.

One group will head south, towards Rene’s Campo, while the other group will head north to clean up as much of the beach as possible during the two-hour event, according to Edson Ruiz, the President of the Rotary Club of Rosarito.

Ruiz is asking all youth and service groups, clubs and organizations in the area, including members of Rosarito’s large expatriate community, to participate. read more »

Opening Of English-Language Mediation Center In Rosarito Beach Delayed Until Early 2010

Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—The opening of an English-language mediation center in this city to hear disputes has been postponed until early 2010.

Budget issues and additional time needed for training have caused the delay.

The center under the jurisdiction of Baja Attorney General Rommel Moreno will attempt to resolve disputes and disagreements before it becomes necessary to take them into the court system.

The program is called Centro de Justicia Alternitiva and will be in the Pabellon Grand shopping center at the northern entrance to the city.

“We have an estimated 14,000 expatriates who live here and about a million tourists a year,” said Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres. “This center will be a great step in resolving disagreements in English without court involvement.”

Ron Raposa

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Readers chime in with memories of Mexico

By Logan Jenkins – San Diego Union Tribune

Rosarito Beach Fishing Pier

Rosarito Beach Fishing Pier

As you’ll see, I’m not alone in my self-imposed exile from Mexico, the bleating theme of last Monday’s column.

But my aging gringo ballad, freighted with nostalgia but spooked by narco-terror and congestion at the border, misses what’s verdad on the ground, many were quick to point out.

“You do not have to miss Mexico,” lectured Diane Kane of San Diego. “After years of living in and traveling to Baja, neither we nor any of our friends have any negative experiences to report. . . . In fact, we have had nothing but polite, friendly dealings with the locals.”

For a reality check, Kane prescribed a weekend at the Rosarito Beach Condo Hotel and a wine-tasting tour to renew this native son’s faith in what always seemed to be San Diego’s equal (if not better) geographic and cultural half.

Robert Gutierrez of Escondido sounded a similar theme.

“Both my family and I have so many wonderful memories that would never have occurred if I had allowed the warnings of people, whose only knowledge of Mexico is gained from newspapers and television, to have kept me on this side of the border.” read more »

Rosarito Beach to help English-speaking visitors

Mexico resort to open a mediation center for tourists, expatriates.
Register Travel Editor

Rosarito Beach will open a mediation center next month that will allow English-speaking non-Mexican nationals to air complaints against businesses.

Mayor Hugo Torres announced the court Tuesday, which was authorized by Attorney General Rommel Moreno. An opening day for the court has not been set, but authorities want it up and running by next month. It likely will be located in the Pabellon Grand shopping center. The Spanish name for the program is Centro de Justicia Alternitiva.

Rosarito Beach Condo Hotel

Rosarito Beach Condo Hotel

Authorities said most transactions go smoothly, but the center is a step to assist the large (and financially lucrative) English-speaking population who visit or live in Rosarito Beach.

“We have an estimated 14,000 expatriates who live here and about a million tourists a year,” Torres said Tuesday in a news release. “This action by Attorney General Moreno is a great step in resolving amicably any disagreements between them and local businesses.”

Unlike courts where written documents in Spanish are required, complaints at the center can be given orally and in English. If the mediation center cannot bring the two sides together, the complaint would then move on to traditional Mexican courts.

“This will make it much easier for non-Spanish speakers to have their complaints heard and at no expense,” Torres said.

Areas of possible complaint include disagreements over charges, payments or failure to perform agreed upon services. These can involve not only retail disagreements, but also real estate and professional services.

The center is the latest step by Mayor Torres to burnish the image of Rosarito Beach, damaged by fallout from the ongoing drug war centered in nearby Tijuana and chronic complaints of corruption among police, other officials and some businesses. Tourism to the area has dropped in the past two years, with additional bad news coming from the spring’s outbreak of H1N1 virus (swine flu) in other parts of Mexico.

Since Torres took office in 2007, Rosarito Beach has created a tourist district police force, a tourist assistance bureau, and 24-hour-a-day ombudsman to deal with complaints.

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Rosarito Adds Sand Sculpture To Activities With September 27 Amateur Competition

Sand Sculpture

Sand Sculpture

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—Known for decades as one of the hot surfing spots on the West Coast, Rosarito on Sept. 27 will add another popular beach activity to its attractions with a sand sculpture contest.

Baja Sand 2009 will be held from 10 to 6 p.m. that Sunday in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. The exhibition and amateur competition is a prelude to the first full-scale sand sculpting competition which is scheduled for May 2 of 2010.

Half of the profits from the 2010 event will be donated to the Rosarito Boys & Girls Club.

“We’re very excited about this inaugural event and think it’s a perfect fit for this city with its miles of beautiful coastline and tradition of artistic creations,” said Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres.

Registration and further information is available at info@rosarito.org, rosaritotur@baja.gob.mx or by calling 661-612-0200 or 661-612-0396 in Mexico or 619-730-1871 in the United States.

The creation of elaborate sand sculptures is a popular event on beaches throughout the world, including an annual competition in Imperial Beach which attracts some of the best global teams and hundreds of thousands of fascinated spectators.

Raul Aragon, Rosarito’s delegate from the Baja State Secretary of Tourism office, an organizer of the event, said that planning has been going on for month to make Baja Sand 2009 a memorable and successful attraction.

The event will follow by one day the 30th-year edition of the Rosarito-Ensenada 50-Mile Fun Bike Ride, which attracts thousands of riders, and the same day as the Rosarito chamber of restaurants annual steak and lobster festival.

“It will create an incredible fun-filled weekend here,” Aragon said. “Both longtime fans of sand sculpting and those who have never seen this incredible activity before will have an amazing day.”

Although this event is an amateur competition Archisand, one of the top teams in the world, is being brought in to give an exhibition the day of the contest.

Archisand, a team of architects and craftsmen, was founded by in 1989 by Greg LeBon. It has won the 10-man division of the U.S. Open at Imperial Beach six of the past nine years. More than 300,000 people attend that annual competition.

“People will be amazed at what Archisand and create from simple sand,” Aragon said. “It truly does qualify as exceptional sculpture.”

To help amateurs prepare for this year’s competition, Rosarito sand sculptor Raul Ocegera will give workshops this Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 1 on the beach in front of the hotel.

Ron Raposa

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