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Parental Indiscretion


Parental Indiscretion
Like Old Times

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Published: 2014.10.23 03:12 PM

The superiority of the American childhood of the ’70s and ’80s to that of today is pretty well chronicled on the Internet, but missing from those nostalgic lists (Atari! Underoos! Riding in the back of a pickup!) are memories exclusive to those of us who spent part of our childhoods in San Diego: Baja adventures.



There were the family day trips—lunch at Calafia, curio shopping, maybe a stop in Tijuana for a photo with a zebra-striped donkey if we had an out-of-town visitor along. As teenagers, my friends and I took the trolley to San Ysidro and walked across the border, treating TJ like an exotic mall. San Diego kids went to Baja to surf and camp and eat fish tacos and drink Coronas. (Let’s not discuss the nightclub shenanigans we partook in once we could pass for 18.)

Baja trips were just part of growing up in San Diego. But by the time my kids were old enough to enjoy their first family trip to Puerto Nuevo for cheap lobster, going to Baja was no longer a simple thing you could do on impulse. I wasn’t scared by the dire warnings about drug cartel violence, which I always thought were overblown. But you now need a passport, and the reports of hellishly long border waits were definitely a deterrent. I couldn’t imagine sitting for hours at the border waving off peddlers of gaudy Last Supper paintings while my kids whined in the back seat.

“Kids went to Baja to surf and camp and eat fish tacos and drink Coronas.”

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Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas, Mexico


Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas, Mexico

Just a 40-minute drive south of the California border to Mexico, a few miles beyond Rosarito, is the quiet, guard-gated community of Las Gaviotas.

Beyond the walls of this Northern Baja retreat is a calming escape from the daily grind that inspires a whole new fondness for Mexico. Rows of houses are stacked on a slope above the Pacific and have second-level views of the deep blue. Since the homes are privately owned (there are no resorts or hotels here), the best way to find a vacation rental is through a search online or through a travel agent.

Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas

Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas

Within the community, there’s a private beach where many Southern California surfers can be found from morning to early afternoon paddling out, determinedly, beyond the pounding waves to catch the kind of curls most people would think only exist in places like Hawaii. Although the surges can fluctuate, these waters aren’t for the faint of heart. Less experienced surfers should proceed with caution, and beginners might consider avoiding the waves altogether. The tides are strong and every evening the salty sea crashes against the cliffs that protect a string of homes along the shoreline.

For families with little ones and those who’d rather not mess with sand, there’s a community pool and hot tub that overlook the ocean. On some days a pop-up fish stand sits at the edge of the stone-paved terrace of the pool house where guests can order the freshest catch of the day sashimi-style or in a mouth-watering ceviche, a mixture of seafood cured in lemon or limejuice with salt, spices and in this part of the world tomato, onion, avocado and cilantro.

What’s nearby?

Most who stay in Las Gaviotas bring their own groceries for home-cooked meals, but anyone who loves seafood must visit the “lobster village” of Puerto Nuevo. Only a short drive to the south on Carretera Libre (free road), this small town has shops filled with Mexican art, jewelry and trinkets, plus restaurants that serve up fresh-caught fried lobster piled high on a platter and shared family style with sides of rice and beans.

Siete Mares (Paseo del Mar #2, 646-218-2370) is the place we’d recommend for the food, friendly service and a gorgeous sunset view from the outdoor deck. Villa Ortegas Restaurant seems to get a good crowd, as well. Keep in mind all of the restaurants and shops are cash only.

The city of Rosarito is also close by, just eight miles north of Las Gaviotas, and offers a larger variety of shopping, restaurant options and deep-sea fishing charters.

Across the road from Las Gaviotas is the most helpful White Horse convenience store, which sells snacks, beverages and ice.

When to go?

The weather is similar to Southern California, which means it can be nice year-round. But beach-lovers and sun-tanners would enjoy the summer months best.

How to get there?

The nearest airport is the Tijuana International Airport which has many of the well-known car rental companies, such as Thrifty, Alamo, Budget and Auto Europe.

For a weekend getaway, however, most visitors drive across the border at San Diego. The main stretch of the drive is along the highway, which is also a cash-only toll road. An important consideration, as with driving in any unfamiliar destination, is to follow all traffic rules (speed limit signs note kilometers/hour). An absolute must when crossing the border by car is to purchase Mexican auto insurance prior to entering.

A few road rules to know: drivers must wear seatbelts and it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving. For the safest trip by car, try staying on toll roads or along a main highway as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to stay within the gated community after dark.

When the weekend is over, consider heading back toward California in the morning hours. Wait time at the border can be anywhere from 3-5 hours, otherwise.

Be prepared to show a passport upon returning to the states.

As with traveling to any foreign country, please visit the website of the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.



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10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014


Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico
—Michael Shachner

Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico

What’s that, they make wine in Mexico? Indeed, they do—have for centuries—and not just sacramental wine and plonk. In the northern reaches of Baja California, along Route 3 in the Guadalupe Valley, the quality of wine has risen over the past two decades. Wineries here have teamed up with chefs and hoteliers to create Baja’s very own Ruta del Vino (wine route). Less than two hours from San Diego, the Valle de Guadalupe, anchored by the city of Ensenada, has moved past its Tequila-and-Tecate roots to ones based on the grape. Head south of the border for a wine-and-travel experience you won’t forget. —Michael Shachner

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The Expendebales Enjoy Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster in Rosarito Beach

American channel TMZ aired the visit that Silvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren made to Rosarito Beach, in Baja California Mexico where they enjoyed a Puerto Nuevo style lobster.

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Lobster & Art Festivals Highlight This Weekend in Rosarito Beach

Lobster & Art Festivals Highlight This Weekend in Rosarito Beach

Lobster & Art Festivals Highlight This Weekend in Rosarito Beach

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA , MEXICO—This Sunday (October 17), from noon to 7 pm the XVIII edition of the Lobster Festival will be held in Puerto Nuevo, the famous lobster village 12 miles south of downtown Rosarito on the Free Road .

A large art festival will take place the same weekend in downtown Rosarito.

The lobster festival will take place on the Puerto Nuevo’s main Rentería Street and will feature the restaurants Puerto Nuevo II, The Lobster House, Villa Ortega’s, Restaurant Playa Delfines, Ortega’s Original and Sandra’s.

The Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo restaurant associations plus its Convention & Visitors Bureau are sponsoring the event which marks the start of fresh lobster season in one of the city’s main tourist destinations.

The lobster fest will cost $ 260 pesos or $20 and includes a lobster dish with rice, beans and flour tortillas, plus three drinks per person. Live music and a raffle also will be featured.

Puerto Nuevo, which was a small fishing village in the 1940s, has grown to one of the world’s most famous destinations for lobster lovers, with more than 30 restaurants and a million of the tasty crustaceans served yearly.

Puerto Nuevo-style lobster is widely served in Mexico and California .

“It is important for restaurateurs in Puerto Nuevo to participate in this event that has become a tradition,” said Rosa Maria Plascencia, who is part of the Festival Organizing Committee and belongs to one of the founding families of Puerto Nuevo.

Also featured at the event will be LA Cetto and Santo Tomas wineries, Corona Beer, Rosarito florists, regional products (cheese, olives, olive oil), Mexican candy, etc. Live music will be provided by Tijuana ’s The Moonlights and other groups.

Meanwhile, more than 60 artists from this city’s thriving art community and beyond will be featured on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 16 and 17) at the first Rosarito Art Fest.

The huge free exhibition and sale of paintings, sculpture and other works will be held each day from 11 to 6 on Boulevard Benito Juarez, directly in front of the landmark Rosarito Beach Hotel in the downtown tourist district.

Rosarito in recent years has become home to a thriving colony of artists, many of whom work from Popotla Boulevard studios and show their work at galleries there and elsewhere. A Rosarito Art Association works to promote them and regional culture.

The art festival will highlight established as well as emerging artists. Music and food also will be featured at the festival that organizers plan to make an annual event highlighting the region’s rich art and culture.

Additional details on these events plus some great hotel packages and rates are available on the Convention & Visitors Bureau website: www.rosarito.org

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Registration Underway For November 7 Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon

Registration Underway For November 7 Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon

Registration Underway For November 7 Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—Registration is underway for the fifth Rosarito-Puerto Nuevo Half Marathon on Nov. 7, an event that organizers hope will attract 600 participants in various categories.

Categories for the event along the Pacific Ocean are men, women 18 to 24; 25 to 29 30 to 34; 35 to 39; 40 to 44; 45 to 49; 50  to 54; 55 to 59  and over 60 years. There also is a wheelchair category.

Trophies will be awarded for first, second and third place in each category, including wheelchairs. Cash prizes for the winners are first $400, second $300 and third $ 200.

For winners in the wheelchair categories first will be $150, second $100 and third $50. The winning Rosarito residents in men and women’s categories will each receive $200. They must prove at least three years of residence.

Commemorative medals will be awarded for the first 150 men and 50 women who finish and shirts given to each participant. read more »

Rosarito’s World Famous Puerto Nuevo Celebrates 17th Annual Lobster Fest Oct. 11

A serving of traditional Puerto Nuevo-style lobster. Photo By Rosarito Beach ConVis

A serving of traditional Puerto Nuevo-style lobster. Photo By Rosarito Beach ConVis

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—You very well may have enjoyed Puerto Nuevo-style lobster at many restaurants in California and Mexico — on Oct. 11 you can eat it at a festival where it was invented.

That Sunday from noon to six on Renteria Street (the main thoroughfare) the 17th annual lobster festival will be held in the Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village.  Cost for a plate of lobster and three drinks will be $15.

It is the latest edition of the annual festive celebration of the delicious spiny crustacean that helped make Rosarito a popular tourist destination.

The festival is organized by the Puerto Nuevo Restaurant Union and Rosarito’s Convention & Visitors Bureau. Restaurants participating include La Escondida, Puerto Nuevo II,  Casa de Langosta, Villa Ortegas, Susanna’s and the Grand Baja Resort. read more »