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Million Dollar Savings at Palacio Del Mar

A look at places such as Vancouver Canada, Miami Florida, and downtown San Diego’s luxury developments and cost of living compared to Baja’s Palacio del Mar.

Million Dollar Savings At Palacio Del Mar

Million Dollar Savings At Palacio Del Mar

Luxury can be found with any landscape as a background, it all depends on the individual’s preferences, extravagance and needs. Granite countertops, high ceiling windows, hardwood floors, concierge service spacious closets among other details give luxury residences the finishing touches.

Every luxury development offers a certain combination of amenities which sets them apart from the rest, some of which now seem to be standard are: pool whether it be infinity or indoor, workout facilities, event rooms, steam room and Jacuzzis. In addition to these, Palacio currently offers several other amenities resulting in a combination not easily found elsewhere: tennis and basketball courts, full service spa, business center, game room, movie theater, lobby library, bistro, convenience store and beach access and best of all, a shuttle that will pick you up from San Diego airport, drive you to Ensenada, take you grocery shopping and even drive you to Tijuana.

Several luxury developments in Vancouver such as The Qube and Harbourside Park, present fewer amenities than Palacio, though they offer storage; with Harbourside Park also having guest suites. The Beach Club, in Miami Florida, has cabanas, event catering and beach and poolside service. The Metropolitan, Park Place, Meridian, and Electra in downtown San Diego offer fewer amenities than Palacio but with different combinations, as an example they may have a movie theater but no tennis courts. Every development will have a different view for their resident to enjoy, in downtown San Diego there is the bay, Petco Park or street view, Vancouver has the marina, the Pacific and probably a view of the mountains depending on preference and location, Miami has also street view and the Atlantic; Palacio offers the majestic Pacific with beautiful sunsets telling the coming of the end of the day.
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Mexico Real Estate: Message From Max Katz – Broker/Owner From The Baja Real Estate Group

Hello. I’m Max Katz Broker / Owner of the Baja Real Estate Group and today I will share with you a our snapshot of the real estate market in Baja for 2011 and a few of our goals for 2012.

2011 began with renewed optimism – we experienced a substantial increase in real estate activity in Baja along with a major increase in tourism. We have also seen several Construction restarts along the Baja Coast, a major show of confidence for our market. Our Agents are very motivated and encouraged by the current trend.
Lower real estate prices coupled with developer and owner financing played a big part in our market in 2011. These factors contributed to year over year substantial increases in sales volume.

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Open House at Palacio Del Mar – Baja Real Estate Group

Miguel Sedano from the Baja Real Estate Group and Sales Associate at Palacio Del Mar, takes us on a tour of the luxurious Imperial Model Unit at St. Tropez tower in Palacio Del Mar, a ten-acre ocean front residential community located at the Sand Dunes of El Descanso Bay in South Rosarito Beach.

This luxurious three bedroom three bathroom model features travertine floors, travertine tile on bathrooms, granite counter-tops and it comes full with state-of-the-art appliances.

Open all week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Palacio Del Mar is a must stop on your way down to Baja. A great Mexico real estate investment.

For more information on Palacio Del Mar visit http://www.PalacioDelMar.com

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July Best Deals – Baja Real Estate Group


Baja Real Estate Group Deals

Best Baja Real Estate DealsYou know that saying if it sounds ‘too good to be true’ it probably is. The Baja Real estate Group specializes in finding you that ‘too good to be true deal’ with 100% safety.We represent the area’s Top Developers, and after 20 years in Baja nobody knows the history of our area better than our Brokers. We work with the Title Companies, Escrow Company, the Developers themselves and buyers to insure a safe and smooth transaction. There are many added steps involved when buying distressed property in Mexico and the Baja Real Estate Group has been on the forefront as leaders in the distressed property market for the last 3 years,We have a strong track record of proven results through long lasting relationships with Developers, buyers, sellers and local agents.  We constantly comb the coast to bring you the latest Bargains in the area.

Contact one of our agents, our developments or your Realtor before you make your first or next investment in Baja.


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Broker / Owner
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New Otay Border Crossing Option “Ready Lane” By: Miguel Sedano

Ready Lane


Otay Mesa, Calif. — Beginning Monday, May 2, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will open a new Ready Lane at the Otay Mesa port of entry for travelers who have a travel document enabled with Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, technology.
The Ready Lane is a lane for vehicle traffic that only accepts RFID-enabled cards. The new Ready Lane at the Otay Mesa border crossing will be open Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In order to use this dedicated lane, all adult passengers in the vehicle over the age of 16 must present an approved travel card. The U.S. Passport Card, SENTRI card, the new Legal Permanent Resident “green card” and the new Border Crossing Card are all RFID-enabled documents.
For example, the Ready Lane can be used by a group of travelers in one vehicle who may have different kinds of RFID-enabled travel documents, such as if the driver is a member of the SENTRI trusted traveler program, and the passengers all have other kinds of RFID-enabled documents, such as a U.S. Passport Card or a new Border Crossing Card. While only vehicles with all SENTRI members can use the dedicated SENTRI lane, a group with any mixture of RFID-enabled travel cards can use the Ready Lane.
Travelers using the Ready Lane should follow these three simple steps as they approach a U.S. land port of entry with their RFID-enabled travel card:
•    Stop at the beginning of the lane and make sure each passenger has their card out.
•    When it is your turn, drive slowly through the lane and hold all cards up on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
•    Stop at the officer’s booth.

If you are thinking in moving to Mexico, don’t think more act today.  We Can Help.  Call today 858-433-0561 or email Miguel Sedano  info@rentinginmexico.com the perfect home is waiting for you.

How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California Mexico

Americans struggling with the economy are finding relief south of the border. The overall lower cost of living, affordable beach front housing, lower property taxes as well as proximity and accessibility to US services, have made Baja California a preferred choice for relocation among retirees and families alike.

How Americans are Stretching Their Money South of the Border in Baja California, MexicoROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA. MEXICO – Many Americans with reduced and fixed incomes are looking outside of the US for retirement and economic relief in these tough times, finding it just south of the border. Baja California, Mexico is leading the trend to cater to retirees, by offering services that appeal to the growing number of foreign residents. These services include assisted living, property and personal care among others at significantly lower prices than in the US.

US store names like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Smart and Final, Applebee’s and Ashley Furniture are some of which are becoming more common in strip malls around the area. State of the art medical facilities equal to those on the US have been and are being constructed in order to provide quality medical care services to the growing number of foreign residents, the only difference being the lower cost. read more »

4 Common Exercising Myths

Oceanfront Gym At Palacio Del Mar

Oceanfront Gym At Palacio Del Mar

Nothing feels better than working out by the ocean or with an ocean view, especially if you live in Northern Baja. Good exercising when combined with a proper diet is the best way to stay fit, it is also an excellent way to boost your confidence and take steps towards a healthy living. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding this area.

Palacio del Mar just opened up their oceanfront gym with a wide array of exercising equipment. Working out with a full ocean view sounds soothing enough, we thought of asking our friends of Pulse Fitness, Kristi Hugstad and Bill Brotherton,  to point us in the right direction by setting the record straight on the most common exercising myths out there.

Here are 4 common exercising myths:

By Kristi Hugstad and Bill Brotherton.

1. Will crunches get rid of my love handles around my waist?
No. You can’t pick and choose areas where you’d like to burn fat. There is no such thing as spot reducing. You should create a workout that includes both cardiovascular and strength training elements. This will decrease your overall body fat content.

2. Does lifting weights make women bulky?
No. most women’s bodies do not produce nearly enough testosterone to become “bulky” like bodybuilders. If you do find yourself getting bigger, try reducing your daily caloric intake and increasing your cardio workouts.

3. Does eating late at night cause weight gain?
No. There are no “magic” hours to eat or exercise. We associate late-night eating with weight gain because we usually consume more calories at night. Start the day out with breakfast and eat ever 3-4 hours. Keep lunch the same size as dinner, and you will be less likely to over-indulge at night, yet you can enjoy a small late night snack without the fear of it sticking to your middle.

4. Is it OK to skip stretching before a workout?
Yes. Stretching cold muscles can actually lead to injury. When you stretch, muscle fibers are lengthened and destabilized, making them less prepared for the strain of exercise. Wait until after your workout to thoroughly stretch your muscles.

Remember everybody has different needs and necessities when it comes down to getting fit. Setting an optimal pace and routine will work wonders for you, especially if it’s closely watch by a fitness professional.

Palacio Del Mar offers a wide array of healthy amenities in a luxurious and upscale environment. See for yourself; book a free showing at 1-800-678-7583 or visit www.PalacioDelMar.com. For personalized Pulsar Fitness training services call: (949)-429-2966.


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Palacio Del Mar, a Baja California High-End Private Community Going Green

“Palacio del Mar is going Green in all ways possible”, was the main focus of this year’s annual homeowners meeting, in which developers informed of their current and future plans for the community, including the projects which will continue making Palacio del Mar one of the pioneering developments to go Green in the Northern Baja area.

Palacio Del Mar, a Baja California High-End Private Community Going Green

Palacio Del Mar, a Baja California High-End Private Community Going Green

ROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO – Grupo Pes, developers of Palacio del Mar, have over 25 years of experience with a reputation of beauty and quality, are currently finishing the first stage on their newest development, Palacio del Mar. They recently hosted their annual homeowners meeting on April 16th 2010.  This meeting, which informed residents of the developer’s current and future plans for the community, was held at the development’s posh movie theater. “The meeting was attended by homeowners who came from as close as San Diego and as far as Boston. An important point of order was the developer’s announcement that Palacio del Mar would be “going green”.

Pes Developers mentioned that among Palacio’s Green projects are the installation of a solar heating and energy management system, and the installation of a state-of-the-art hydration filter. The aim of these projects is to reduce energy cost for the outdoor infinity pool, as well as, the Olympic size indoor lap pool. The hydration filter will provide soft water to the entire complex and reduce long term maintenance costs by lengthening the effective life of all fixtures and equipment. These new additions compliment the currently installed resource conservation systems which include motion-sensor triggered lighting in all hallways and a water treatment system that recycles gray water for garden and green areas. read more »

For some East Bay retirees, Mexico an affordable alternative

By Kathleen Kirkwood

Brad Billingsley and his Wife

Brad Billingsley and his wife Linda

Brad Billingsley could have been waiting for his tee time at an Arizona golf course.

Instead, the former Lafayette resident and his wife Linda were in a lagoon off Cabo San Lucas, snapping photos of gray whales bobbing next to their small charter boat.

“Every day, it’s an adventure here,” Brad Billingsley said. “It’s added 20 years to my life.”

Brad, 62, and Linda Billingsley, 61, are among the “silver surge” of baby boomers seeking alternative retirement nests in Mexico, according to a recent report by the International Community Foundation.

It’s not certain how many U.S. retirees are living in Mexico — a 2004 study puts it between 500,000 and 600,000 — but the foundation and other researchers say the number is bound to increase as more boomers settle into their golden years and find Mexico an affordable alternative. Almost half the retirees living in coastal areas are getting by comfortably on less than $1,000 per month, said the report, which cites the growth of real estate projects targeted at retirees as proof that expatriates are flocking south of the border.

The Billingsleys had seriously considered a retirement community with a golf course in central Arizona. But they lacked the enthusiasm for fairway living that seemed to consume retirees there. “Their entire lives were involved with golf,” Brad Billingsley said.

In 2007, the couple became expatriates and settled into a $300,000, two-bedroom beachfront condominium in Rosarito Beach, in Baja California.

They’ve made the most out of their retirement dollars, Brad Billingsley said. The cost of living — from groceries to health care — is low in their beachfront town and there’s plenty to do, such as driving down the coast to Cabo, walking on the beach and shopping at the local mercado. read more »

Lindsay Lohan needs a Mexican Vacation away from the media and the paparazzi!

Sandy Beach at Palacio Del Mar

Sandy Beach at Palacio Del Mar

Lindsay Lohan and other famous starts such as Britney Spears have often looked south of the border to take advantage of a US resort style beachfront community with luxurious ocean front villas for relaxation and to take breather from the US Media and the paparazzi frenzy.

At Palacio Del Mar, Baja’s newest luxury condos and spa, Lindsay could take advantage of one many Palacio Del Mar  amenities: Palacio’s private shuttle service, picking her up at the airport or a private location of her choice and riding just 45 minutes away south to Ensenada. She could have her own pool or Jacuzzi in one of Palacios 2800ft² 3 bedroom Condos or a private tour of the Guadalupe Valley, the largest wine region in northern Mexico, where she can sample award wining wines and food. Lindsay could also have a gourmet meal at Ensenada’s famous Restaurant Ofelia’s. read more »