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18 thousand tourists flown away from Cabo in just three days in remarkable “air bridge” operation

The aftermath of Odile left 26,000 tourists stranded in Baja California, away from their homes, and with no communication means. But in a remarkable operation, the Mexican Government, the military and the private sector coordinated an “air bridge” that would move 18,000 tourist out of the affected region in three days.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights.

Americans, Europeans, and others  were flown to major cities such as Guadalajara, Toluca, Mexico City and Los Mochas.  American passengers arriving at Tijuana were swiftly taken to San Diego.

Odile hit Baja California on Sunday, causing major damage to the International  San Jose Los Cabos Airport. By Tuesday, tens of military and commercial airplanes were flying out of the runway to lead tourists to safety.  Aeroméxico, Volaris and other Mexican airlines, were quick to react to the emergency,   establishing hotlines,   offering free trips to those in need and honoring fares for clients who had previously purchased their tickets.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights. “Rescue efforts will continue until every tourist is taken out of the region”, pledged the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Though the situation is not easy, and Mexico is still  faced with many challenges, the efforts to tend to the Tourist sector must be acknowledged.

We at the Baja Real Estate Group wish to make our best effort to aid the local Baja California population. Tens of thousands Mexican nationals that live and work in Cabo are without basic electricity and water, and in desperate need of basic products, shelter  and food.

These are several ways you can join us in helping our brothers in Baja California:

Financial aid

Items needed

  • Canned food/goods of any kind
  • Bottled water
  • Diapers
  • Bleach
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Buckets
  • Brooms
  • Towels / blankets

These are being collected at:

Rosarito DIF
The Lighthouse Sports Bar & Restaurant (KM 58 Carretera  Tijuana-Ensenada Libre)

Ship or deliver from 8 am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics US HQ
7734 Formula Place
San Diego, CA 92121

Ship or deliver from 8am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics Mex HQ
Calzada de las Americas #951
Col. Compuertas. Mexicali, BC 21218
(Cruzando la calle del Colegio de las Americas)



Trying to Alter Perceptions, Mexico Uses Candid Chitchat

CAMPAIGNS that feature hidden-camera commercials are popular among marketers seeking to change perceptions about products because they offer consumers a chance to watch other consumers share candid opinions. Examples include spots for Folgers instant coffee, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Ford Motor.

Click to see the Mexico Taxi Project videos

Click to see the Mexico Taxi Project videos

Beginning on Friday, there will be another arrival amid their ranks: Mexico, which is seeking to change perceptions about conditions that tourists find there. The commercials are part of a campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board, with a budget estimated at more than $30 million, that is to run in major cities. The campaign also includes online and print advertising.

The commercials blend trappings of hidden-camera spots with elements of the HBO series “Taxicab Confessions.” To underline the mash-up, the campaign is called the “Mexico Taxi Project,” a title that is echoed in the address of a microsite, or special Web site, at mexicotaxiproject.com.

The microsite will include the commercials and what is described as the unedited film from which the commercials are being created. read more »

Mexico Still Ranks Number One For US Buyers

By: Charles Sipe

Mexico Still Ranks Number One For US Buyers

Mexico Still Ranks Number One For US Buyers

A recent article from International Property Journal cites a survey by North Carolina research firm E360 that included 612 existing second home owners. It found that Mexico is still the most popular international location for second home buyers. According to the article:

Despite the constant headlines about drug-related violence, Mexico remains the preferred destination for U.S. second home buyers, according to a new study. Mexico was twice as popular as Central and South America, according to the 2010 Second Home Trend Report issued by North Carolina-based research firm E360, which surveyed existing second home owners. “It’s shocking to me that Mexico still came in number one, even with the negative press,” said Chad Martin, global research analyst for E360.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t be surprised that Mexico is still the number one choice for international real estate buyers.

Second home buyers are attracted to the proximity to the US since it is more accessible than other warm climate destinations that are further south. Los Cabos is just a short flight from the west coast and Cancun can be reached in just a few hours by plane from the east coast. While places like Brazil has a lot to offer, most people don’t want to spend a whole day flying to their vacation home.

There is also the awareness factor. While destinations like Nicaragua are seeing more interest from US home buyers, a lot of people are unfamiliar with Nicaragua and may not consider it as an option, although it provides comparable climate, lifestyle, and ocean views.

There is also a comfort level that potential buyers have with Mexico because so many people have come before them. Mexico has been an established vacation and retirement destination for decades and has attracted the mainstream. Having a large expat community of English speakers and American stores like Costco, can be attractive reasons to choose Mexico over less developed beach front communities like Costa Rica.

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