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Disaster Relief from Hurricane Odile Los Cabos and How You Can Help

By  Susie Albin-Najera

The International Community Foundation is raising funds to support immediate disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in Baja California Sur in response to damage caused by Hurricane Odile.

A man stands by a trailer that was swept along with debris, by the flood waters and high winds of Hurricane Odile in Los Cabos, Mexico, Monday, Sept. 15 2014. Hurricane Odile blazed a trail of destruction through Mexico's Baja... - The Associated Press.

A man stands by a trailer that was swept along with debris, by the flood waters and high winds of Hurricane Odile in Los Cabos, Mexico, Monday, Sept. 15 2014. Hurricane Odile blazed a trail of destruction through Mexico’s Baja… – The Associated Press.

September 17, 2014 San Diego, CA. Hurricane Odile made landfall near Cabo San Lucas at 9:45pm (PDT) on Sunday night, September 14, 2014, as a powerful Category 3 hurricane, with estimated winds of 127 mph and torrential rainfall; one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall in Baja California Sur. Odile continued to rake the state of Baja California Sur Monday, as it marched northward with strong winds and heavy rains flooding the southern half of the peninsula. The heavy rains threaten to trigger mudslides and floods.

The storm has already caused widespread damage across the southern half of Baja California Sur, including homes, hotels, hospitals, and roads.   Mexican authorities report that at least 15,000 people in high risk areas suffered damage or total loss of their home due to heavy winds. Currently all airports and ports are closed to civilian traffic. There remain power outages across the region, a lack of clean running water, and phone service is down.   Emergency officials also report that at least 135 people have been treated for varying injuries as a result of the storm, mostly from broken glass and falling objects.

The International Community Foundation (ICF) is actively working to assess needs of local communities in those areas most directly affected by the hurricane, and will work to mobilize needed resources for immediate disaster relief and rebuilding efforts. ICF will partner with on- the-ground disaster relief organizations, including our long-time partner, the Mexican Red Cross, and our grantees throughout the region. Charitable donations in support of relief efforts can be made to the Baja California Disaster Relief Fund at ICF.

How to help Contributions by mail: Checks payable to the International Community Foundation, with Baja California Disaster Relief Fund in the memo line, can be sent to: Baja California Disaster Relief Fund c/o International Community Foundation 2505 N Avenue   National City, CA 91950 Online contributions to the Baja

California Disaster Relief Fund at the International Community Foundation may be made at:


18 thousand tourists flown away from Cabo in just three days in remarkable “air bridge” operation

The aftermath of Odile left 26,000 tourists stranded in Baja California, away from their homes, and with no communication means. But in a remarkable operation, the Mexican Government, the military and the private sector coordinated an “air bridge” that would move 18,000 tourist out of the affected region in three days.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights.

Americans, Europeans, and others  were flown to major cities such as Guadalajara, Toluca, Mexico City and Los Mochas.  American passengers arriving at Tijuana were swiftly taken to San Diego.

Odile hit Baja California on Sunday, causing major damage to the International  San Jose Los Cabos Airport. By Tuesday, tens of military and commercial airplanes were flying out of the runway to lead tourists to safety.  Aeroméxico, Volaris and other Mexican airlines, were quick to react to the emergency,   establishing hotlines,   offering free trips to those in need and honoring fares for clients who had previously purchased their tickets.

By Thursday, Mexico’s Transportation Ministry declared that 18,000 people had already been flown out on more than 120 flights. “Rescue efforts will continue until every tourist is taken out of the region”, pledged the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Though the situation is not easy, and Mexico is still  faced with many challenges, the efforts to tend to the Tourist sector must be acknowledged.

We at the Baja Real Estate Group wish to make our best effort to aid the local Baja California population. Tens of thousands Mexican nationals that live and work in Cabo are without basic electricity and water, and in desperate need of basic products, shelter  and food.

These are several ways you can join us in helping our brothers in Baja California:

Financial aid

Items needed

  • Canned food/goods of any kind
  • Bottled water
  • Diapers
  • Bleach
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Buckets
  • Brooms
  • Towels / blankets

These are being collected at:

Rosarito DIF
The Lighthouse Sports Bar & Restaurant (KM 58 Carretera  Tijuana-Ensenada Libre)

Ship or deliver from 8 am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics US HQ
7734 Formula Place
San Diego, CA 92121

Ship or deliver from 8am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics Mex HQ
Calzada de las Americas #951
Col. Compuertas. Mexicali, BC 21218
(Cruzando la calle del Colegio de las Americas)



Mexico, to attract U.S. retirees, may ease limits on landownership

By Tim Johnson
McClatchy Foreign Staff

For the first time in nearly a century, lawmakers are moving to allow non-Mexicans to buy coastal real estate and hold the deeds to it, without having to set up bank trusts or find silent Mexican partners.

Ocean Front Real Estate in Mexico

Ocean Front Real Estate in Mexico

Proponents of the change say it pushes Mexico toward the modern era, and is a sign of ebbing nationalism under President Enrique Pena Nieto. They say it will help Mexico compete with Southern U.S. states and tropical Central America for U.S. retirees seeking spots in the sun and by the sea.

The proposed amendment to the Mexican Constitution sailed through the Chamber of Deputies on a 356-119 vote April 23, and is now before the Senate.

But opponents are still rallying, charging in a petition campaign that the change may condemn Mexicans to saying goodbye to ocean views.

“If just one of every 20 U.S. millionaires buys a house with 22 meters (72 feet) of beachfront, no Mexican will see the sea again,” the petition drive says, drawing on the nation’s historic allergy to foreign ownership of its resources.

The allergy has its roots in land grabs in the 19th and 20th centuries. After the 1917 Mexican revolution, legislators who drafted the nation’s constitution, fearing a new invasion by land or sea, barred foreigners from owning land within 31 miles of the coast or 62 miles of any border. Those strips of territory became known as the restricted zones. read more »

The Baja Blondes in Fox 5 Morning News

The Baja Blondes cast makes an appearance in FOX 5 Morning News with Chrissy Russo, Arthel Neville, Raoul Martinez, Shally Zomorodi – KSWB

Click to play video.

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The Baja Blondes A Lifestyle Reality Show

The Baja Blondes - A Lifestyle Realty Show

The Baja Blondes - A Lifestyle Reality Show

Written By Melinda Bates

To the eternal questions, “Why are we here?  What is the meaning of life?” and, “Do these pants make my butt look fat?” we can add the perennial, “Do blondes really have more fun?”

The answer is clear to all those privileged to be invited to last week’s screening of the pilot of The Baja Blondes, a Lifestyle Reality Show, and it is an unqualified “YES!”

Blondes was created by Susanne Stehr and Debbie Shine, permanent residents of Baja, Mexico, and directed and produced by Robin Mackenzie, a part time resident of Baja, through her company, Tatblue Productions, LLC .  These are women of a certain age who have designed a life here they could never have back in the USA. Lives of freedom, beauty, creativity and friendship.  Lives open to the positive and unexpected adventures of Mexico, a country they adopted and deeply love.  Their goal is to promote Baja to an American audience in a positive light, by showing American women living and working in their communities up and down the gorgeous coast.

The pilot introduces our three protagonists in their lives and careers in the Rosarito to Ensenada area, while making clear that in Mexico, life is NEVER all about work.  In fact, they show us the Mexican dream:  affordable luxury, easy living, accessible health care, an ancient culture, fabulous food, award-winning wine and the excitement of living in a foreign country.

The screening took place at Northern Baja’s premier community, Palacio del Mar.  Guests marveled at the elegant reception areas, lounges and gorgeous landscaping that draws the eye straight to the only indoor pool on the coast, with the infinity pool and ocean beyond.  All the outdoor surfaces are clad in simple and dramatic gray granite. The look is both Mexican and modern.  Indoors, ceilings disappear in the distance above and the sense of space conveys the height of luxury.  The private theater with its comfortable seating and huge screen was the perfect venue for this beautiful event.  Surely residents will equally enjoy hosting their own Super Bowl party there!

Many prominent members of Tijuana and Rosarito’s business and social communities attended, including Raul Aragon, Director of Tourism for Playas de Rosarito, Laura Wong, editor of the Baja Times, Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, one of the area’s top plastic surgeons, Melinda Bates, speaker and author of White House Story, a Democratic Memoir, and Michael and Nancy Rosenberg, who together owned and operated “MARCO Entertainment” for 25 Years, managing the careers of over 100 Olympic and world champion athletes and international stars including Dorothy Hamill, Peggy Lee, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Tai & Randy, David Brenner, Quincy Jones, and Oksana Baiul.

Sponsors for the evening’s cocktail party and screening included one of the area’s largest real estate brokerages:The Baja Real Estate Group, Click-On, an internet café and mail service for American residents of Baja, The William Hitt Center of Tijuana, offering specialized diagnosis and treatment medical services, Serena Senior Care, providing a wide variety of services, from nursing care to plumbing, for the American community along the coast, and the Rosarito Inn, generous hosts of the production crew for the Baja Blondes.  Their amazing hospitality convinced everyone to return to Baja every chance they get!

The Baja Blondes reality show will travel to Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Country, Loreto, San Felipe, and all over the Baja peninsula, all the while highlighting American women who live and work in this part of heaven, where their creativity can flourish in a safe and welcoming place.

In addition to producing further episodes, The Baja Blondes plan to establish a retail store and advisory travel arm to assist women traveling in Baja.

*The Baja Blondes is a non-profit Mexican corporation solely owned by Susanne Stehr, Debbie Shine and Robin Mackenzie.

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