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Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas, Mexico


Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas, Mexico

Just a 40-minute drive south of the California border to Mexico, a few miles beyond Rosarito, is the quiet, guard-gated community of Las Gaviotas.

Beyond the walls of this Northern Baja retreat is a calming escape from the daily grind that inspires a whole new fondness for Mexico. Rows of houses are stacked on a slope above the Pacific and have second-level views of the deep blue. Since the homes are privately owned (there are no resorts or hotels here), the best way to find a vacation rental is through a search online or through a travel agent.

Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas

Three-Day Stay: Las Gaviotas

Within the community, there’s a private beach where many Southern California surfers can be found from morning to early afternoon paddling out, determinedly, beyond the pounding waves to catch the kind of curls most people would think only exist in places like Hawaii. Although the surges can fluctuate, these waters aren’t for the faint of heart. Less experienced surfers should proceed with caution, and beginners might consider avoiding the waves altogether. The tides are strong and every evening the salty sea crashes against the cliffs that protect a string of homes along the shoreline.

For families with little ones and those who’d rather not mess with sand, there’s a community pool and hot tub that overlook the ocean. On some days a pop-up fish stand sits at the edge of the stone-paved terrace of the pool house where guests can order the freshest catch of the day sashimi-style or in a mouth-watering ceviche, a mixture of seafood cured in lemon or limejuice with salt, spices and in this part of the world tomato, onion, avocado and cilantro.

What’s nearby?

Most who stay in Las Gaviotas bring their own groceries for home-cooked meals, but anyone who loves seafood must visit the “lobster village” of Puerto Nuevo. Only a short drive to the south on Carretera Libre (free road), this small town has shops filled with Mexican art, jewelry and trinkets, plus restaurants that serve up fresh-caught fried lobster piled high on a platter and shared family style with sides of rice and beans.

Siete Mares (Paseo del Mar #2, 646-218-2370) is the place we’d recommend for the food, friendly service and a gorgeous sunset view from the outdoor deck. Villa Ortegas Restaurant seems to get a good crowd, as well. Keep in mind all of the restaurants and shops are cash only.

The city of Rosarito is also close by, just eight miles north of Las Gaviotas, and offers a larger variety of shopping, restaurant options and deep-sea fishing charters.

Across the road from Las Gaviotas is the most helpful White Horse convenience store, which sells snacks, beverages and ice.

When to go?

The weather is similar to Southern California, which means it can be nice year-round. But beach-lovers and sun-tanners would enjoy the summer months best.

How to get there?

The nearest airport is the Tijuana International Airport which has many of the well-known car rental companies, such as Thrifty, Alamo, Budget and Auto Europe.

For a weekend getaway, however, most visitors drive across the border at San Diego. The main stretch of the drive is along the highway, which is also a cash-only toll road. An important consideration, as with driving in any unfamiliar destination, is to follow all traffic rules (speed limit signs note kilometers/hour). An absolute must when crossing the border by car is to purchase Mexican auto insurance prior to entering.

A few road rules to know: drivers must wear seatbelts and it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving. For the safest trip by car, try staying on toll roads or along a main highway as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to stay within the gated community after dark.

When the weekend is over, consider heading back toward California in the morning hours. Wait time at the border can be anywhere from 3-5 hours, otherwise.

Be prepared to show a passport upon returning to the states.

As with traveling to any foreign country, please visit the website of the US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs.



Read more about the Baja style of living: http://www.bajarealestategroup.net/

1 Picudas Este, Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach 22710


1 Picudas Este, Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach 22710


Casa Piedra

Nestled along the Baja Coast, a mere 1 hour from downtown San Diego, is the exclusive oceanfront hamlet of Las Gaviotas. For over thirty years this community has set the standard for coastal living in the Northern Baja corridor. A secure community with exemplary amenities, Las Gaviotas is home to the most esteemed estates on the Baja Coast.


Casa Piedra: Luxury Mexico Real Estate in Rosarito Beach

Casa Piedra in the privacy of the oceanfront community of Las Gaviotas

Nestled along the Baja Coast, a mere 1 hour from downtown San Diego, is the exclusive oceanfront hamlet of Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach. For over thirty years this Baja community has set the standard for coastal living in the Northern Baja corridor. A secure community with exemplary amenities, Las Gaviotas is home to the most esteemed estates on the Baja Coast.

Casa Piedra represents the pinnacle of this oceanfront village. Located on the prestigious south end of the community this property, built to exacting standards in 2002 by famed architect Roberto Moreno, is being offered for the first time to the discerning buyer.
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Realtors Continue To See An Upswing In Baja Real Estate

Las Gaviotas, a charming Ocean Front Community located in Rosarito Beach Mexico welcomed 6 new homes owners to their community in the last 7 months with 2 sales pending. This is a strong indicator that home buyers and Investors are feeling secure once again about buying properties in Mexico’s beach resorts.

Realtors Continue To See An Upswing In Baja Real Estate

Realtors Continue To See An Upswing In Baja Real Estate

“While it still remains to be a buyer’s market, we have seen numerous sales and some over the million dollar mark in the last 6 months”, says Max Katz , owner of The Baja Real Estate Group . Las Gaviotas is the number one choice for people looking to own a house versus a condo. Las Gaviotas, one of the oldest and most well run communities in the area, consist of 298 homes all with red roof tiles, flag stone streets and an ocean front board walk. That combined, reminds you of the old world charm that Mexico offers. “We continue to see strong interest in Las Gaviotas, with a buyer driving down from Los Angles for the day just this past weekend to tour a new listing. Home Owner Financing and price was the key for this visit. This is not only good for Las Gaviotas, it is a testimonial that people are coming back to the area and this time they are investing”, adds Katz

Calafia Condos who has started delivery of their 3rd tower along with a brand new ocean front infinity pool, new 5000 square foot club house and a large array of amenities such as a 16 seat private movie theater, spas, and private Jacuzzis is also seeing the upswing. While the Developer of Calafia is busy welcoming homes owners that bought over 2 years ago, he is also very optimistic with how well sales are going with new buyers. Just this week, Bill Brotherton and Kristy Hugstad from Dana Point California, purchased a Calafia Condo in Tower III after looking for over a year. The reason, says Bill Brotherton was location, price and amenities, not to mention the $300.00 a year property taxes they will pay for their ocean front Condo. That’s what a dinner would cost in most mayor ocean front communities in the US.

For both Club Marena and Palacio Del Mar, the penthouse units still seem to be the number one choice. Palacio Del Mar just closed on a luxurious 2800 ft², 3 bedroom, 3 bath penthouse .This luxurious community that offers home owners granite bottom indoor lap pool, ocean front infinity pool, a 25,000 square foot club house complete with spas, state-of-the art gym, all overlooking Descanso Bay. The best Amenity yet, a private 14 seat shuttle bus. Larry French , a Realtor with The Baja Real Estate Group, just put under contact a 3500 ft² penthouse in Club Marena . Larry who in recent months has sold 3 villas in club Marena, says not only is he seeing great buyers he is also seeing activity from local Agents and their buyers touring his listings. Another good sign for Baja!

A welcome sign for the Baja Real Estate market is the new construction of Naos Living , the areas first green building projects with a focus on wellness and lifestyle. “I am pleasantly surprise with how well we are doing” says Catherine Krupshaw a US Broker from California, who is now leading the sales at Naos, she boasts – “the project speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to own an ocean front condo on a long sandy beach with prices starting at $300,000?” – Krupshaw asks. “The latest buyer at NAOS, who chose to buy a one bedroom with a Den is looking forward to the rental opportunity”, Krupshaw adds – “with the Convention Center being built just a mile away and due to be completed around the same time as Naos in mid-2012”.

Now is a unique moment in time where property prices have been rolled back to levels not seen in years. Don’t miss the opportunity to come see for your self.


Browse for Homes for sale in Las Gaviotas. Click here for more Rosarito Beach Real Estate.

July Best Deals – Baja Real Estate Group


Baja Real Estate Group Deals

Best Baja Real Estate DealsYou know that saying if it sounds ‘too good to be true’ it probably is. The Baja Real estate Group specializes in finding you that ‘too good to be true deal’ with 100% safety.We represent the area’s Top Developers, and after 20 years in Baja nobody knows the history of our area better than our Brokers. We work with the Title Companies, Escrow Company, the Developers themselves and buyers to insure a safe and smooth transaction. There are many added steps involved when buying distressed property in Mexico and the Baja Real Estate Group has been on the forefront as leaders in the distressed property market for the last 3 years,We have a strong track record of proven results through long lasting relationships with Developers, buyers, sellers and local agents.  We constantly comb the coast to bring you the latest Bargains in the area.

Contact one of our agents, our developments or your Realtor before you make your first or next investment in Baja.


Max Katz
Broker / Owner
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Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach Mexico Sees Rising Home Values and Sales Once Again

By Susan A Mahalick

Las Gaviotas,  Rosarito Beach, Mexico Sees Rising Home Values and Sales Once Again

Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach, Mexico Sees Rising Home Values and Sales Once Again

In the last 6 months, 7 homes have sold in this little Mexican style village know as Las Gaviotas. Amazingly homes are selling from the low $200.000 to well over the million $$$ mark. Many people live there full time. Or they spend half the year living there, or even use it for a second home if the weather is bad at their primary residence. Las Gaviotas has a old world charm with stone streets and Architecturally interesting homes….298 homes in all line a sandy coastline with semi private beach . Almost everyone has a good view of the ocean. Lots of social activities and even a Spanish class on site in a setting that has been called the Beverly Hills of Rosarito.

Baja sales, just like the US sales were slowing down to almost none. With the cost of living on the rise in the US, and the cost of living here low, Mexico just makes good sense. read more »

Las Gaviotas 40 Years Later

By Rob Cromwell


Las Gaviotas Community Views

In the late 1960’s, the Gerson Baker Corporation from Marin County in Northern California began drawing plans and started construction on a new development in Baja Norte. The development was called, Las Gaviotas, located just south of Rosarito Beach.

For many years American tourists crossed the border and drove down to the Rosarito Beach Hotel to catch the sun and surf along the Pacific Coastline. As Baja became a destination point – an American developer decided he, too, would invest in Mexico.  His dream was to create a unique enclave of homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean where Americans could live and vacation year around.

Las Gaviotas – became a one-of-a-kind development – capturing the title of ‘The Crown Jewel’ of developments along the Baja Norte Pacific Coastline.  The original vision of San Francisco developer, Al Wilsey, was having a community of unique homes, washed in white with traditional Spanish red-tile roofs, highlighting the Mexican Colonial theme.

Full page advertising was placed in the newspapers surrounding San Francisco and people began to flock to Baja to see this new development.  Guests were flown from San Francisco to San Diego and driven across the border.  They were housed in some of the first cottages by the sea.  After hearing the sales pitch, many began signing on the dotted line and became the first owners in Las Gaviotas.

Included in the original development was a fully developed community with sewers, underground utilities, water filtration plant and community facilities such as a clubhouse, Olympic size pool, Jacuzzi, tennis and shuffleboard courts, and sandy beach.  Over the years Las Gaviotas has continued to live up to its reputation as being a prestigious development.

Las Gaviotas Clubhouse taken from Deitweiler home 1970

Las Gaviotas Clubhouse taken from Deitweiler home 1970

During this past decade, the homeowners association has continued to add additional community amenities such as a community library, mail and computer room; fully equipped exercise room with saunas; children’s park and putting green.  At the July HOA meeting, members approved an expenditure of $80,000 for a new tennis court for members and guests.

As Las Gaviotas continues to grow and develop, so has their homeowner’s association.  Community members have continued to be actively involved in the management of their community; making it the best operated Homeowner’s Association in Baja Norte.

When it comes to real estate, the old saying is: location, location, location.  When it comes to Baja – and you considering location, a buyer must first consider Las Gaviotas.  It has never been a better time to purchase a vacation, retirement or rental home in this community.  There are quaint bungalows to million dollar oceanfront homes.


Las Gaviotas March 1970 Constructing Community Outside Wall

Homes in Las Gaviotas are just steps away from the Pacific Ocean and only 25 minutes from the International Border.  In fact, most retirees consider this area and community just a suburb of San Diego.  Yes, after 40 years, Las Gaviotas remains a haven for surfers and Americans alike – a magical community.


Browse for more real estate in Baja, real estate in Rosarito and real estate in Mexico.


Hacienda Style Ocean Front Home For Sale in Las Gaviotas - Rosarito Real Estate by Kathy Katz

Las Gaviotas #19 Picudas Este – $998,000 USD – . Not only the location is great, right by the water with an amazing ocean view, but the architectural design inspired in a Spanish hacienda and beautiful and spacious garden areas throughout the property makes this home for sale in Las Gaviotas a unique buy for quality buyers. The second bedroom is actually a detached ‘casita’ or guest house complete with kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Another Day in Baja

This weekend in Baja !!

Robby Gordon Monster Energy Truck Baja 500 June 6, 2009

Robby Gordon Monster Energy Truck Baja 500 June 6, 2009

Yesterday, two luxury power boats were passing each other in front of Calafia Resort and Villas at the tip of Descanso bay in Northern Baja, one going south and the other going north in what was a beautiful sunny day with surfers out all over and the Baja 500 race underway just south in Ensenada.

Today, while headed north toward the San Diego border, my wife noticed no less the 25 power boats off the coast near Playas. Was there some kind of boating event going on or were people just out enjoying another beautiful day in Baja?

Surfers have enjoyed 3 days of 4 to 7 foot sets from a new south swell which was really lining up in front of Las Gaviotas and to north at Calafia.

And to top it off the Monster energy truck driven by Robby Gordon won the overall trophy truck with a great finish time of 8:35:49 only to be topped by the pro class motorcycle team riding a Honda 450x with a elapsed time of 8:30.

Just another fun filled weekend in Baja!!!

Spectacular Ocean Front Home For Rent In Las Gaviotas


Spectacular Ocean Front Home For Rent in Las Gaviotas

Premium luxury 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom fully furnished home available for rent in Las Gaviotas. Take advantage lf the current Baja real estate opportunity to lease this spectacular ocean view home for a bargain price of only $2150 USD monthly for an annual contract (daily rates available).

This house has it all from a huge deck overlooking the whitewater surf, an open great room fully furnished, granite kitchen counters, nanny’s quarters and parking for 3 cars in the garage and covered car port. Want to bring along your 36 FT RV. This house can accommodate it inside the covered parking area with full hookups for your traveling guests.  This home in Las Gaviotas is worth well more.  Don’t forget the ocean front pool and new gymnasium.  Take advantage of this limited time opportunity.

Full commission to the broker that gets it done.

For bookings call from the US: (619)-200-7408, or if you’re already in Mexico call: (661) 613-2332

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Why You Should Use a Mexico Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Use a Baja Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Use a Baja Real Estate Agent

By: Elizabeth Mclachlan

With the Internet becoming such a big resource, consumers often feel that they don’t need the expertise of a real estate agent. However, there is a reason why 80% of buyers and seller still turn to estate agents when buying or selling a house – in fact, here are 10 reasons why you should consider using a real estate agent when buying Mexico real estate:

You Can Benefit From an Agent’s Experience and Education
Real estate agents know the market, was trained to assist clients in selling and buying homes and know the procedures you need to follow. You will be a fool not to use their expertise. read more »