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Lindsay Lohan needs a Mexican Vacation away from the media and the paparazzi!

Sandy Beach at Palacio Del Mar

Sandy Beach at Palacio Del Mar

Lindsay Lohan and other famous starts such as Britney Spears have often looked south of the border to take advantage of a US resort style beachfront community with luxurious ocean front villas for relaxation and to take breather from the US Media and the paparazzi frenzy.

At Palacio Del Mar, Baja’s newest luxury condos and spa, Lindsay could take advantage of one many Palacio Del Mar  amenities: Palacio’s private shuttle service, picking her up at the airport or a private location of her choice and riding just 45 minutes away south to Ensenada. She could have her own pool or Jacuzzi in one of Palacios 2800ft² 3 bedroom Condos or a private tour of the Guadalupe Valley, the largest wine region in northern Mexico, where she can sample award wining wines and food. Lindsay could also have a gourmet meal at Ensenada’s famous Restaurant Ofelia’s. read more »

In Tequila’s Home, a Wine Region Comes of Age – The Guadalupe Valley

In Tequila's Home, a Wine Region Comes of Age - The Guadalupe Valley

In Tequila's Home, a Wine Region Comes of Age - The Guadalupe Valley

The first time I went to Mexican wine country, I found myself digging my car out of a muddy river bed at 11 at night. It speaks volumes about the area’s charm that this didn’t deter me from a second trip, four months later. This time, I destroyed one of my sedan’s axles in a pothole and popped a tire.

And yet, I still plan to visit again. Next time, I’ll bring an S.U.V.

Wine tasting in the Guadalupe Valley of Mexico is an adventure sport; not an endeavor for the weak of will. There is the matter of the roads. They are dirt-surfaced, they frequently require that you drive straight through riverbeds and, thanks to a winter of record storms, they currently resemble the pitted surface of the moon. Then there are the obstacles to actually tasting wines: many wineries require appointments, and a working knowledge of Spanish is definitely an asset.

Persevere, however, and you could find yourself at the bucolic ranch of Antonio Badán, sampling a generous glass of elegant Mogor-Badán Chasselas with the winemaker himself. Mr. Badán’s tasting room consists of a folding table in a corner of the small concrete building where he produces his wines. The chairs are wobbly; the walls are bare. From the tasting room, you can look over the vegetable gardens, the henhouse and the grazing cattle to the budding grapevines on the valley floor. read more »

Bonus Rains could mean a Banner Year for Mexican Wines

By Steve Dryden

Grape Vineyards in the Guadalupe Valley

Grape Vineyards in the Guadalupe Valley

The 2010 vintage is off and running with a large dose of rainfall soaking the soil and roots in vineyards across Valle de Guadalupe and other grape growing regions in Baja California, Mexico. So far we’ve received an above average level of moisture in a normally drought ridden region, thus bringing extra hope to growers and winemakers for this vintage. Most of the vines still remain in a dormant condition, but bud swelling is evident and it appears that an early bud-break may be upon us soon.

In addition, the winter weather in the valley (elevation avg. is 1,100 feet) has been mild and warmer than usual. Many vineyard managers and workers have already pruned their vines or are in the process of doing so. The only bad news is there are lots of weeds and wild grasses this year, but the surplus of water is a real blessing, making most wine industry personnel excited about 2010.

Highway construction in the valley continues to progress, but at times it seemed we went back in time about 100 years. This wet winter allowed locals and guests the opportunity to ford rivers, streams and large puddles of water as we toured the valley in search of wine, food and adventure. Now we know what it might have been like when the early settlers and the Russian Molokans hauled grain and goods to San Diego with horses and wagons. In 1925, it was a three day trip to downtown San Diego with teams of horses and wagons navigating several rivers between the valley, Tecate and Jamul. The good news is that the new road that traverses the wine country along Highway 3 should be completed by May 2010. It’s open now in some parts, but be ready for road hazards, mud, and dramatic bumps in the various (unmarked) surfaces of dirt and pavement. read more »

A heartfelt Gracias! – A Baja Real Estate Testimonial

Written By: Professor Wade Lorentzon aka Lorenzo

Children of Casa de Paz

Children of Casa de Paz

I am a professor of Psychology here in Calgary and for the past ten summers have brought teams of 25 eager dedicated students for the month of August to work with the 55 children of Casa de Paz, nestled in the beautiful vineyard filled Guadalupe valley. The orphanage is a sanctuary, an oasis of love and careful family nurture on a 20 hectare working vegetable farm.

A year ago to continue my vision for a Beach house/guest home for returning students and their families I inquired at Calafia and met my new found friends Max and Kathy Katz, who represent the selling of many fine condo and homes along the gold coast of Baja. read more »

A Great Vacation

Waking up to an ocean view with a cup of coffee in hand was how I stared my first day on vacation in Las Gaviotas. We drove down to Mexico just in time for a surf, sunset and a beer. The weekend just got better, with warm weather a drive to The Guadalupe Valley. I will return to Mexico soon.