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10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014


Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico
—Michael Shachner

Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico

What’s that, they make wine in Mexico? Indeed, they do—have for centuries—and not just sacramental wine and plonk. In the northern reaches of Baja California, along Route 3 in the Guadalupe Valley, the quality of wine has risen over the past two decades. Wineries here have teamed up with chefs and hoteliers to create Baja’s very own Ruta del Vino (wine route). Less than two hours from San Diego, the Valle de Guadalupe, anchored by the city of Ensenada, has moved past its Tequila-and-Tecate roots to ones based on the grape. Head south of the border for a wine-and-travel experience you won’t forget. —Michael Shachner

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Mexico Real Estate Opportunities: How To Move From Vacation Property to Life-Long Investment

Written by Thomas Lloyd

Many people buying Mexico real estate as a vacation property or for retirement like to see their property as an investment; while there is a very strong aspect of lifestyle investment, as well as the large savings enjoyed in comparison to owning a vacation property or retiring in the U.S. or Canada, a true investment should do more than just bring you savings; it should generate an income. With Mexico real estate, this is a relatively strait-forward step to take.

Mexico Real Estate Opportunities: How To Move From Vacation Property to Life-Long Investment

Mexico Real Estate Opportunities: How To Move From Vacation Property to Life-Long Investment

With only a slight shift of focus, and a relatively minor short term sacrifice of lifestyle, the same property you bought for vacationing or future retirement can become a first step towards lifelong income from solid real estate investments.

As a buyer  you usually choose your vacation or retirement property based on comfort, convenience, proximity to the beach, shopping, a lake, attractions, activities and fellow expat residents. These same features are attractive to vacationers and other renters; Mexico’s large tourism industry offers many small groups of vacationers and even long term renters. As an owner of vacation/retirement property in Mexico you can consider the following possibilities:

Rent out the property to vacationers. This takes effort. One developer once pointed out that you could have the best hotel in the world, and it would sit there empty if it didn’t have a clear plan for active promotion. Property management companies can help; but you should do your homework, investigate occupancy rates in their area, and evaluate the results from the company. Personal promotion can work if you have access to a network of people with a need to rent a vacation property. Internet social networks and promotion can also be useful. Good rental agencies will use these tools as well. The real estate office through which you bought the property may also offer rental services, and if not should be able to recommend good rental agencies, or even promote the property informally to future clients visiting to make their own purchase.

Use the property only during the low season. If you have decided to take this step towards making your property a real investment, put investment at #1 in importance. This doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the property for personal use, but it does mean that you should use plan your use of the property during the regular low season, when the property may be empty anyway. If you are truly dedicated, you may even consider changing plans if a renter turns up. One couple who successfully carried out this kind of plan stayed in moderately price hotels for their own visits rather than jeopardizing their rentals. Remember that any happy renter is a potential returning renter.

Rent out the property long term. Mexico also has a healthy market for long term rentals. While the monthly rate is usually lower, the income is consistent year round, and usually requires less effort to constantly find a new stream of renters. This idea has also proven successful in actual practice in places like Playa del Carmen.

Buy another property. Once you’ve established a steady income from your first property, invest in another, and follow the same process. If you are renting out your properties for vacationers, then owning multiple properties will also give you more options for personal use during off-seasons.

Buy through a mortgage . Acquiring Mexico property through a mortgage directly in Mexico is becoming easier and more common. Using a mortgage directly from a Mexican bank also allows you to leverage the same property you are buying, rather than a property back home. This way you don’t have to wait to generate enough cash from your first property to step into the second. This can help to speed up the process.

Cover monthly payments and expenses rental income. Real life examples have shown that is possible to generate sufficient income from a rental property in Mexico, either for vacationers or long-term, to cover all expenses, such as utilities, repairs and taxes, as well as the monthly loan payments if careful planning is done.Your first property will give you an indication of how much income can be generated and how much is available for use after other expenses. Speaking with mortgage specialist, or even some real estate brokers , will help to gain an estimate of the monthly payments. Some easy math will show you if its possible. If the numbers don’t look like the work out, try tweaking your first rental project to see if you can bring the income up to the necessary level.

Of course, these moves aren’t carried out overnight, but the final result will be that you are the owner of several high-quality vacation properties. One very important plus is that it isn’t necessary to start on a large budget; lower budget properties will generally bring a lower income, but the same concept can be applied with successfully.

Once more than two have been acquired, one can be mostly or even entirely dedicated to personal enjoyment. When retirement arrives, one property will become a retirement property, and the others will continue to provide a constant income substantially boosting financial resources. Since the cost of living is considerably lower in Mexico, especially in large expense areas like health care, using one of the properties for retirement is an ideal move; the funds will go considerably further in Mexico.

Consider changing your Mexico property into a lifelong investment.

Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments, and also holds a degree in Mexico real estate. He has 15 years of experience in Mexico’s business culture, and as a Mexico agent, has guided many investors through real estate transactions, safely.


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Interest in Mexico tourism surges, despite safety worries

by AFP Relax news

A leading hotel booking website has revealed a sharp increase in interest in travel to Mexico, as the country struggles to rebuild its reputation after an escalation in drug-related violence.

Earlier this year, US college students were warned against spending their annual spring break in Mexico, a sign of how serious authorities in some states believed the situation has become.

But it seems that not all travelers are being discouraged by the headlines resulting from Felipe Calderon’s war on drugs, launched in 2006, which has prompted a surge in violent incidents as the army struggles to crush the country’s drugs cartels.

Expedia revealed last week that travel bookings made to Mexico from its portfolio of global brands, which includes the Expedia and Hotels.com websites, were up nearly 25 percent in the last 12 months.

The majority of the interest was from the US, Canada and the UK, said Expedia, which described the country as one of its top three destinations in terms of traveler feedback.

The online giant made its comments at Acapulco’s Tianguis Turistico (March 25-28), an annual event organized by Mexican tourism officials to boost the country’s profile as a top Latin American tourism destination, where Mexico’s Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo said March 24 that the country had “made real and sustained progress in making Mexico safe and secure.”

Ahead of the conference, financial giant Visa also noted that the amount spent on its cards by inbound visitors had gone up from $4 billion in 2009 to $4.4 billion in 2010, describing Mexico as a “sought after destination.”

No surprise then, that country’s beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage are continuing to attract hotel chains, who are betting on an eventual end to the drug wars — at which point they believe the country is set to be a lucrative destination, thanks to its excellent location in the Americas.

Later this year, Sol Melia will open two flagship resorts, Paradisus La Esmeralda and Paradisus La Perla, both on the country’s stunning eastern Caribbean coastline.

Last month, Ritz-Carlton announced that it will open a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Los Cabos, a 124-villa complex with views across the Sea of Cortez and private infinity pools, butler service and outdoor fireplaces.

Rosarito To Forgive Penalties On Property And Transfer Taxes Now Through October 31

Property Taxes

Property Taxes

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO—From now through Oct. 31 the city will forgive any past due penalties on people who pay back property taxes, including transfer fees.

“Many people don’t understand what the property tax requirements are and we’re trying to help them by offering this grace period,” said Mayor Hugo Torres.

Much of the confusion is on the transfer fee, which requires buyers of any property that includes some land ownership, including condos, to pay the city 2 percent of the purchase price, Mayor Torres said.

Not only is it illegal not to pay this tax, people who have not done so might not have had the transaction legally registered and their ownership might not have been confirmed.

While the transfer fee is a one-time assessment, penalties can be substantial. For example, the fee on a $300,000 purchase would be $6,000 — but after five years a total of $12,000 in penalties would accumulate, making the amount owed $18,000.

“This grace period until Oct. 31 can result in tremendous savings for people,” said city tax collector Jorge Casteneda. “Plus by paying back obligations, they will know they are in compliance with the law and have clearly established ownership.”

The transfer fee applies to the purchase of undeveloped land, condominiums and structures which include land ownership. It must be paid by the buyer. Penalties on unpaid yearly property taxes also will be forgiven for anyone who pays them by Oct. 31.

To pay back transfer fees, people need a copy of the purchase agreement, an appraisal and a property tax bill. Payments can be made at the Casteneda’s office at City Hall from 8 to 4 Monday through Friday and 9 to 1 on Saturdays.

Additional information is available by calling 661-614-9647.

Ron Raposa

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How To Get An Advantage Negotiating On A Great Baja Real Estate Find

House Search

House Search

So you finally find your dream beachfront  home within one of the best Baja Communities and what’s better, at an amazing price. Here are a few tips that can help you gain the upper-hand when negotiating the price on that special Baja property.

  1. Keep in mind that there are no perfect homes in the market unless you are prepared to pay the price for them, fix some details or better yet, construct your own.
  2. Write down your necessities, features and things that you want, on that same list mark things down that you can live or do without. This will get rid of uncertainty, indecision and evade buyer’s guilt.
  3. Act swiftly when you come across a good Baja real estate deal. Waiting will only craft more opportunities for contending offers.
  4. Once you’ve found what you want, get a market analysis (CMA – comparable market analysis) of properties sold in the last three or six months, your Baja real estate Agent will be more than happy to help you get this information. The nearer the comparables are to the existing market the more precise your offer will be.
  5. Resolve your financial reach – how high are you prepared to go and be at ease with the payments.
  6. Write down your best offer, price and stipulations. Stay away from multiple offer situations by being the first to take the advantage and get it under contract. This isn’t the time to be undecided and play guessing games.

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