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Survey Shows Why Travelers are Choosing Mexico for their Retirement.

Let’s face it, most people start thinking of retirement a week or two into their first job. So it stands to reason that a lot of thought goes into people’s retirement plans. Those exploring foreign destinations have always had plenty of options, and a recent poll by Barclays Wealth International found that retirement is the top reason (27.27 percent) among people moving to Mexico. To find out why Mexico has emerged as a prominent retirement destination among expats, you can simply look at the other top reasons in the survey.

Cost of living (24.24 percent)

In the mid 90s inflation and cost of living were significant issues for many Latin American countries. However, the Mexican economy has stabilized and thanks to better economic planning by the authorities, the cost of living and inflation have become more controlled and acceptable. This stability has lead to significant investment from local authorities and international companies.

Travel the world (12.12 percent)

Mexico is like few countries in that it has one of the most complex landscapes in the world. Whether it’s snorkeling the world’s second largest coral reef in Yucatan, visiting the monarch butterflies in the forests of Michoacán, bird watching in the rainforests of Oaxaca, or cruising the sand dunes of Baja California there a countless travel opportunities with Mexico.

Standard of living (9.09 percent)

The fact that this was one of the top reasons given speaks to the economic progress Mexico has made over the last decade. While Mexico’s economy was hit by the global economic downturn in 2008, it is quickly rebounding thanks to foreign investment – up 30% since 2010 – which has lead to the creation of new jobs across the country.

Weather (6.06 percent)

This one should come to no surprise especially after just having talked about Mexico’s wide array of climates and wildlife. It’s no secret tourists have always been attracted by Mexico’s wonderful weather and laid-back culture, so it stands to reason that people retiring in Mexico would be looking for the same experience.

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Is it possible for Americans to work in Baja? by: Miguel Sedano

blog-img-001I guess lot of people that are undecided to move full time to Baja wonder what they will do down here to keep on been productive? Well there are a few options for you Guys.

Baja is a land of opportunities and especially for entrepreneurs, here a lot of things are still to come and you can be part of that change, many Americans refer to Baja today as the Miami of the 50’s with the benefit that the weather is better all year long and no hurricanes.

Now if you are not an entrepreneur you can be employed by an American company to work from home; actually US lead this modality with more than 25% of the productive population (according to John Daniels- in different parts of the chain, from a consultant (free lance) to telemarketing.

Depending on the position and responsibilities that you have in the company work can be flexible with your new Baja lifestyle, here you can be watching the dolphins in the comfort of you’re terrace wile you work on the laptop or be available to take a call next to the pool. read more »