Looking to rent a car in California to drive to Mexico

You must have so many  questions, hopefully the following will help answer all your questions.

Is Mexico safe and should I be worried? When talking about Mexico, many people do not understand that there is Mainland Mexico and Baja Mexico. Mainland Mexico has many wonderful areas, but has had its share of bad publicity for shootings and drug cartel action, most of which takes place in Juarez, Mexico.

How far can I travel into Mexico with your vehicles? We let you drive all the way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico which is the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Most car rental agencies only let you travel as far as Ensenada, which is only 70 miles south of the border. Cabaja lets you explore the entire Baja Peninsula, and even go into mainland Mexico.

Looking to rent a car in California to drive to Mexico

Looking to rent a car in California to drive to Mexico

Do you offer unlimited miles when driving into Mexico? We do not offer unlimited miles but we do give you a certain amount of free miles with every rental. The amount of free miles is based on the length of your rental period.

Do you have restrictions on what type of vehicle you allow into Mexico? No, you’re allowed to drive into Mexico with any one of the vehicles in our fleet. Most car rental agencies only let small or midsize cars cross the border.

Can I go into Mexico without Mexican car insurance? No, Mexican law requires that you carry proof of Mexican car insurance in your vehicle. Even if your credit card covers certain areas in Mexico, you must have proof of a policy with the specific vehicle that you’re driving. Cabaja provides full Mexican car insurance coverage for our vehicles.

Can I use my own Mexican car insurance or get my own insurance at the border? No, your own Mexican car insurance only covers your personal vehicle. We will supply you with a full Mexican car insurance policy which covers our vehicles, and saves you time and hassle getting insurance at the border.

What does the Mexican car insurance cover? Do I only need liability coverage to travel in Mexico? Our Mexican car insurance covers theft, fire, collision, an attorney if you need one, and towing. We only allow our vehicles into Mexico with this coverage, plus limited medical and liability coverage.

Why are the Mexican car insurance rates different between the vehicles? Mexican insurance is based on the value of the vehicle we are getting insured.

Is there a deductible with Mexican car insurance? Yes, the accident deductible for most vehicles is 2% of the vehicle value or $500.00, whichever is greater. For theft, the deductible for most vehicles is 5% of the vehicle value or $1,000.00, whichever is greater. Please verify the deductible with your rental agent before leaving.

What if I get a flat tire or the windshield is broken, does Mexican car insurance cover this? No, you are responsible for the vehicle’s windshield and tires. We do offer Road Hazard as an additional waiver. The Road Hazard waiver covers the cost of repairing or replacing the windshield or a tire that becomes damaged with a $100.00 per occurrence deductible. Road hazard also covers the vehicle’s down time while it’s being repaired, so that you can avoid another day’s rental. Please ask your rental agent about adding this waiver.

Can a foreign traveler drive in Mexico? If you are from out of the United States, you can rent a vehicle to drive into Mexico with an international driver’s license or a license from your country of origin, as long as it’s accompanied by a passport. If you are a Mexican citizen with a Mexican driver’s license, Mexican law prohibits you from driving a United States registered vehicle into Mexico. Your vehicle will be impounded.

What should I do if I get into an accident, or my vehicle is stolen in Mexico? You must file a Mexican police report and insurance claim IN MEXICO if the vehicle is damaged or stolen in Mexico. Failure to do so could result in the denial of your claim. You are responsible for paying for any damages and loss of use fees. You may seek reimbursement from the Mexican insurance company for the damages less the deductible. If you cannot find Mexican police, please stop by a police station before leaving Mexico and file a report. You are responsible for bringing the vehicle back to the United States. If we have to come to Mexico and retrieve one of our vehicles, you will be charged $5.50 a mile, round trip.

Can I have a spare key to take with me in case I lose one in Mexico? Due to insurance requirements we are only allowed to provide you with one key for the vehicle. You may make a key, but keep in mind most of our vehicles are late model and have chipped keys, which are expensive to copy.

Can someone come and get us if we break down? Keep in mind you are traveling into a foreign country at your own risk, California Baja can offer you advice, but cannot provide any physical assistance for any reason while you are in Mexico, you are responsible for returning the vehicle to our location.

It is Very IMPORTANT to have Mexico Insurance

Having Mexican Auto Insurance is very important; if you already have auto insurance make sure that it has liability coverage for Mexico to at least $100,000 dollars, the reason is that if you get into an accident you are liable for damages and your car can be impounded until fault is found or damages paid. If you are not sure your insurance is valid in Mexico, call your agent and be sure to ask if they cover physical damages.
If you need to buy Mexican insurance, plan ahead, if you can shop around, you can probably get Mexican insurance for less than $15.00 a day, but you must make sure that it is a Combine Single Limit (some companies may split the limits i.e. 40/80/40, which means per person/per occurrence for bodily injury/physical damage) covering Civil Liability and Physical Damages (this in case your U.S. insurance does not cover damages in Mexico). There are also packages for 6 or 12 month coverage.

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