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Santa Barbara at Bajamar.
History, art, nature, golf… everything is possible when you wake up in Paradise

Vacation property buyers want their leisure days to bring them a sense of revitalization. But that does not necessarily mean lying in the sun at a crowded beach.

Father Kino Mission in San Ignacio

Father Kino Mission in San Ignacio

There is another, far more interesting way to achieve a feeling of renewal. Getting exposed to art, nature and history awakens our senses and stimulates the mind. But the idea is not to run through ruins, galleries and museums in a crazy race, like they do at those 8-day-and-25-cities-tours.

What we wish for is a place to explore the surroundings at our own pace, little by little, capriciously.

“Some people just take the car and go see the cave-paintings” says Maday Valdenegro from the Baja Real Esatte Group. “There are loads of interesting sites nearby: the missions, museums, La Bufadora –a marine geyser, whale watching”.

This is a sample of the things I did as a visitor to Santa Barbara.

Of missions and museums
Inspiration takes a hold of me as soon as I wake up. The architecture of the condo, with its colonial echoes, and the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean as seen through the windows, are all indications of the wonders to be discovered just minutes or hours away from here.

Spanish Mission in Mulege

Spanish Mission in Mulege

My tour starts in Ensenada, just minutes South of Santa Barbara. Here there are several museums and cultural sites that give us a picture of the Port´s cultural heritage, archeology and of the Regions´ history.

The Museo Histórico Regional and Centro Cultural Riviera are to be noted. The latter one was a hotel and casino during the 30´s, and has been declared a Baja California Cultural Estate by the UN. The Museo del Puerto, dedicated to marine fossils, and to the explorers, missionaries, miners and ranchers of Ensenada is interesting for young and old.

While walking through the streets of Ensenada, it is tempting to visit the many galleries, where we find the work of renowned national and international artists. Another treat are the fine-folk art stores and the Hacienda style furniture galleries.

Next days´ plan is to visit the famous Baja California Missions. Being the city creature that I am, I wonder if time and distance will allow me to go forth with this plan. The answer is yes. But of course, all is possible when you wake up in Paradise.

To get a picture of how the Baja California Missions looked in their heyday, all you have to do is travel 20 minute up north, to Playas de Rosarito, where Misión de Calafia is located. This is a cultural site that has been converted to a hotel and restaurant.

To get a fuller picture of the era, the recommendation is to take the Mission Route. You can do it a site at a time, resting at your place in Santa Barbara, or take a longer trip down South, stopping along the way at charming locations such as Santa Rosalía and Mulegé.

Cave paintings
There are few places in the world that give us a real glimpse of the time when man inhabited caves. But in Baja California there are numerous sites, all well within easy reach from Santa Barbara. They go from simple petrogliphs to impressive multi-colored murals.

Catavina Rupestrian Paintings

Catavina Rupestrian Paintings

The most famous site is near, Southeast of Ensenada. The famed “Cataviña Painted Cave” is more a tunnel that a cave. Over it, hangs a humongous rock. On the semi-spherical ceiling we can see groups of triangles, squares, concentric circles and suns.

Santa Barbara at Bajamar has a privileged location for this visits, offering so much more than sun and water. Days can be spent exploring, but also playing golf or just relaxing at your ocean-and-golf-course-view condo. Every visit will make you feel exquisitely renewed.

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