If you have always been eager to buy a vacation property, now the reasons and conditions converge to offer a perfect opportunity

Although   many of the housing markets around the world are still going through difficult times, the horizon is clearing in the Rosarito-Ensenada Strip, where sales of vacation ownership are increasing.

Trends in Real Estate – Second Home Reasons to buy a vacation home

Trends in Real Estate – Second Home Reasons to buy a vacation home

Who are the buyers?
Traditionally, there are two demographic groups that purchase vacation properties. The first is families with young children, who choose sites that combine relaxation and recreation possibilities for adults with fun activities for the kids.

The second group is that of people with grown children and grandchildren. They often start spending  more and more time at their vacation place, where they enjoy a more comfortable weather  than in their primary residence place, and the company of their families that come to visit. “Ironically, I see my children and grandchildren more often when are here in Santa Barbara, than in the city where we all live. Whenever we are here, at least one of our children comes to visit for the weekend with their families. The kids swim in the pool at Bajamar, the gentlemen play golf, us  ladies  go for breakfast to Ensenada. ”

Recently, there has also been an interest between the single, young and athletic, professionals who want a place to regain energy and recover from the stresses of work and enjoy sports and nature.

According to observers, not all people seeking vacation properties are necessarily motivated by the investment opportunity. People buy second and third homes in search of well-being and family life. Some want to start transitioning to retirement. But if you want to maximize the chances of appreciation, choose an oceanfront property. Because of evident geographical reasons, our planet has a limited number of properties overlooking the sea. It is also advisable to choose a place near a tourist town. Santa Barbara at Bajamar has the added benefit of being 40 minutes away from the U.S. border and San Diego County.

Advantages of having a property:

  • Lighter travel. If you have young children, play a sport such as surf or golf, you know what a hassle packing can be. But as a property owner, your equipment-be it crib or surfboard, will be expecting you at your arrival. The packing is simple: no more excuses for staying home this weekend.
  • Comforting routines. When we return to the same place time and time again, we develop routines that relax and comfort. We can cement friendships with other owners, adding to the pleasure of our stay. After a while, just by setting foot on our property we begin to relax.
  • Source of income. As an owner you  can rent your property to other vacationers.  And remember: most visitors to this area are Americans. The transactions in this region are usually conducted in dollars.
  • Quality time with family. You will have a property for years to come that all generations can enjoy, and a place to create memories that last a lifetime. Family members, who sometimes live in distant cities will be able to meet here. Little cousins play and interact, we adults strengthen our ties.

What are you worried about?
“The typical concerns of the potential buyer are cleared as soon they get acquainted with the new options and services in the vacation properties market – such as the ones we offer” says Maday Valdenegro, Sales Manager for Santa Barbara at Bajamar, and a Baja Real Estate Group agent.

Let us explore some of the concerns of a potential vacation property buyer:

  • Property maintenance. This concern was valid a few years ago, but now, developments such as Santa Barbara at Bajamar offer cleaning service and maintenance during the year, so owners can devote their vacation time to rest and enjoyment.
  • Remote management. There are excellent property management services in the region, that will take care of the daily minutiae for you.
  • Financing. Besides the wide range of available bank credits, Santa Barbara offers its own financing option.
  • Lack of flexibility. According to your means and preferences, you can opt for full or fractional ownership.
  • Routine. To avoid monotony, choose your location carefully. A standalone house can make you feel isolated. Santa Barbara is located within the grounds of the Bajamar golf course and residential development, giving you privileged access to the green, pools, restaurant and resort-type services. There are also trails for running, walking or biking. But if you are in the mood to explore, there is a wide range of activities and places of interest in the Rosarito-Ensenada Strip.

Santa Barbara at Bajamar stands as an ideal place to purchase a vacation property, due to the offer o full or fractional ownership options, ocean and golf course views, the proximity to the attractive port of Ensenada and its privileged location in Wine and Lobster Strip. All residences are fully furnished and may include housekeeping and maintenance.

In Santa Barbara, you can make your dream of a vacation property true –at last.


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