By Susan A Mahalick

Las Gaviotas,  Rosarito Beach, Mexico Sees Rising Home Values and Sales Once Again

Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach, Mexico Sees Rising Home Values and Sales Once Again

In the last 6 months, 7 homes have sold in this little Mexican style village know as Las Gaviotas. Amazingly homes are selling from the low $200.000 to well over the million $$$ mark. Many people live there full time. Or they spend half the year living there, or even use it for a second home if the weather is bad at their primary residence. Las Gaviotas has a old world charm with stone streets and Architecturally interesting homes….298 homes in all line a sandy coastline with semi private beach . Almost everyone has a good view of the ocean. Lots of social activities and even a Spanish class on site in a setting that has been called the Beverly Hills of Rosarito.

Baja sales, just like the US sales were slowing down to almost none. With the cost of living on the rise in the US, and the cost of living here low, Mexico just makes good sense.
How about the low cost of medical care? I just had lab work done for $5 including the faxing of the results to the States. My dentist cost $30 for a cleaning and she is so gentle that many people down here use her. I can afford medical and dental services out of pocket, and do not have to cross the border for any of them.
It is easy to make friends in a small expat community where everyone lives within 30 minutes of each other. Join a club, do volunteer work, play Bridge or travel just to name a few. A woman who is now a close friend had just moved here and I met her at a real estate office. She expressed a desire to meet people, and before long with my getting her linked up with a Bridge group, she was on her way. Three months later she was all tucked into our social life here in Rosarito. I have done this for other people who move here and have many other friends of my own besides.

Go for a shrimp taco at a favorite haunt of the locals, where the waves splash up on the rocks and a taco cost $1.75. How about a Baja fusion meal by a famous chef at Real del Mar? Or French cuisine, or Italian. Perhaps Argentinean or Japanese is your fancy. We have it all, and an award winning wine valley just 20 minutes from my home in La Mision, called Guadalupe Valley. Another 20 minutes on the toll road and I am in Ensenada for gourmet food shopping, or just to spend the day. You won’t miss anything about the States except perhaps the stress, or the polluted air, or pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. And if you want to ensure your food is organic, Natalia in the wine valley will be happy to help you out with that. Many of the finest restaurants in the area shop at her farm.

So come on down and join us. We are waiting for you!