blog-img-001I guess lot of people that are undecided to move full time to Baja wonder what they will do down here to keep on been productive? Well there are a few options for you Guys.

Baja is a land of opportunities and especially for entrepreneurs, here a lot of things are still to come and you can be part of that change, many Americans refer to Baja today as the Miami of the 50’s with the benefit that the weather is better all year long and no hurricanes.

Now if you are not an entrepreneur you can be employed by an American company to work from home; actually US lead this modality with more than 25% of the productive population (according to John Daniels- in different parts of the chain, from a consultant (free lance) to telemarketing.

Depending on the position and responsibilities that you have in the company work can be flexible with your new Baja lifestyle, here you can be watching the dolphins in the comfort of you’re terrace wile you work on the laptop or be available to take a call next to the pool.

One thing that I have to mention is that some positions require that you go to the office may be once or twice a moth or eventually visit a client and here Rosarito Beach & Ensenada offer a strategic benefit because you can be taking a plane in the San Diego Airport in just 45 minutes from Rosarito and 1:15 from Ensenada.

Is the technology in Baja available to do work from home?

Yes, today you can use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) that is basically a telephone line that works with your internet connection, eliminating the charges for long distance and in some cases making your office totally portable. Also with the internet connection and a webcam you can experience teleconference with all the members of the company and avoiding the expenses and drama of transportation.

In Baja there are different providers for internet services: Cable, DSL, Satellite, microwave and wireless with very competitive rates and as reliable as the ones in US.

If you are one of the full time residents or part time, that are already experimenting the benefit of working from home in Baja we would love to here about your case, so don’t be shy and participate from this Blog.

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